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Technological tools that help optimize processes and improve business

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Although the implementation of digitization has the main advantages of increasing sales, reducing costs, improving customer service, easy access to information, optimizing processes, and Increased worker productivity, only 44% of companies are investing in technology in order to improve business and the bottom line, according to a study by IDC.

SMEs represent the largest business fabric in the world. However, the majority of small and medium-sized companies are still not taking advantage of the full potential that digitization offers in their businesses, according to an IDC study, which analyzes the digital transformation of SMEs in 13 countries around the world. In this sense, we have highlighted five digital tools for SMEs. And freelancers to manage the business optimally and be more competitive.

Accounting and billing software

The fact of having a digital accounting and invoicing program represents great advantages for SMEs when making decisions that affect their activity. Thanks to the digitization of processes, Ar solutions are much easier to keep company accounts, create and manage invoices, generate budgets, have control over expenses and income, file taxes, etc. In this sense,  software platforms, such as requordit, allow the integration of all the accounting and financial information of the company in a single environment, thereby saving time and optimizing processes.

Financing platforms at the point of sale

Consumer financing at the physical point of sale had been reserved, until now. For large companies, leaving SMEs or the self-employed out of the equation. A graphic example is the sale of a car, financed directly at the dealer. However, the arrival of tools comes to cover this need since it offers the professional a technological platform to originate. And manage loans at the point of sale. Acting as an intermediary between the client, the professional, and the bank in real-time.

HR digital tools

The HR department also needs a digital program, from the initial moment of recruiting staff (through social networks such as LinkedIn or platforms such as Info jobs or welcome to the jungle ). To the preparation of payroll, the control of absences, the request on vacation, or communication between different departments.

HR management software can do it easily with an automated program. Employees can request vacation days through the tool that, after approval from their superior, remains registered in the system. The program also controls absences, holidays, or cancellations, avoiding that this control must be carried out manually.

Cloud storage platforms

Having storage space in the cloud will always be a good investment for SMEs since they represent an alternative source of security -due to constant data cyberattacks- as well as a way that facilitates the team’s work. A standard solution is to create recurring backups. These systems allow automatic backups of the information that, in the event of a cyberattack, can be easily restored.

Another solution is to host files in the cloud, which are advantageous to work at any time and from anywhere, accessing company information remotely. Google Gsuite allows you to take advantage of Google Drive storage, access to corporate mail. And the collaborative work of Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Digital tools for communication

The collaborative environment in an organization and intrapersonal communication is essential to achieve the success of any business. Today there are social networks or communication platforms adapted to the business world.

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