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13 tips for you to succeed with your digital advertising campaigns

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Betting on Digital Advertising is to take advantage of the Internet, its platforms, technologies, channels and resources to offer consumers promotional advertisements, which can be sent using different formats, for different platforms and audiences.

You should not ignore this tactic, as it helps you increase the reach of your marketing actions to reach, in a highly segmented way, more people.

With digital advertising you can tell stories in a different way, through the channels that the consumer frequents. The best thing is that you can do this with text, images, videos and other formats.

Among the advantages and benefits of investing in digital advertising, you have to …

  • It is measurable
  • The variety of formats you can use
  • Your flexibility
  • The segmentation
  • etc.

Now, to achieve success with your digital advertising campaigns, you must follow the best practices, because if done in the right way, digital advertising can be an excellent investment for your company; but if it is done badly, it can become a tremendous waste of money.

digital advertising

Tips for you to make it great with your digital advertising campaigns

Below I share important tips to help you plan, execute and monitor your digital advertising campaigns.

1. Your target audience = Your focus

I say it again and again, every marketing action must be focused on the target audience. Digital advertising, unlike traditional advertising, allows you to make one, extremely specific, segmentation for your campaigns. Have all the information of your ideal clients at hand and use it to reach them.

2. Caring for ignoring your positioning in seekers

Do you remember that days ago I told you about ZMOT? Digital advertising is very necessary and, if it is tied to a good comprehensive digital marketing strategy, it is very effective. However, by itself it does not always drive people to make a purchase decision.

The tendency, according to the GOOGLE, is that the advertising generates in the consumer an “STIMULUS” that takes him to a next step of investigation to gather the information that will help him to make a final decision.

What does this mean? that if you developed a super mega explosive digital advertising campaign, but did not make the effort to carry out additional actions that work on your brand’s reputation, when people go to Google to investigate(BECAUSE they will do it) and find absolutely nothing, what do you think it will happen?

It is for this reason that we always talk about integral actions when it comes to having a presence in the digital environment.

3. Raise your competitive advantages

One of the keys of digital advertising is that it allows you to accentuate the competitive advantages of your brand.

There are many smart ads on the Internet, but often these fail in the process of selling the specific benefits of a product or service. If you do not highlight those benefits, your ads will have no value to your potential customers.

4. Choose the correct channels

Well-targeted promotion is paramount to the success of your campaign. It is not always important to be in all digital media, but in the right ones to offer your product or service. If your target audience does not participate in Instagram or Twitter, what do you do by placing ads on those channels?

This is another reason why you should have at hand the profiles of your target audience, so that you focus on the appropriate means to ensure you reach the right people.

5. Diversifies

I know that you will always prefer to place only in the channels that, at the level of prices and potential, are more profitable, however, it is advisable that you appeal to the variety in terms of platforms and formats. You would be surprised by the people you can reach if you demolish your paradigms.

6. Automatic or Manual bids?

According to our media team, it is advisable to manage your bids manually so that you have a better control of your budget.

7. Less is more

That the consumer does not have to break his head to understand the concept of your ads. He does not want to decode ads, so you should avoid situations, environments or contexts that are not immediately clear.

Simple is good and usually is better. People always try to simplify everything, often by laziness and sometimes by necessity. If the main idea of your ads is not understandable in the first instance, then your ad needs improvement.

8. The humor is your friend

You can perfectly create your pieces by supporting yourself in the sense of humor, in order to attract the attention of the consumer, but …  BE CAREFUL! And make sure you do not sacrifice the brand’s message and identity for wanting to be fun. Do everything in the right balance.

9. Videos call for you and the customer claim for videos

One of the advertising formats that generate better results is video. Statistics indicate that people invest an impressive amount of time daily watching videos. Now, here what you must take into account is to create videos that the consumer really wants to see and even feel motivated to share.

10. Think about mobile

For anyone it is a secret that people participate in digital mainly through their phones, which means that not optimizing your ads to be seen on these devices, it is a capital error.

11. That your CTAS really are CTAS

If an ad that invites the user to perform an action does not have a clear call to action, no matter what you rub it on your face, it will never have the impact you want.

Forget the protocols. Many times we want to be very aesthetic using very elaborate words to “look good”, however, people are busy and do not want to have to do PhDs to understand what your advertisement invites them to do. It’s as simple as if you want the user to click, say “CLICK”.

12. If you attract them to your web, make it feel comfortable

Your website should offer the user a simple and practical usability, with an attractive and intuitive design so that the information you want to provide your target audience flows smoothly.

Remember to highlight it in an attractive but not extravagant way, in this way the user will be attracted by the offer or content you offer.

13. Measure and optimize

One of the wonders of digital advertising is that it offers you the results of your campaigns from the first moment. Keep checking the performance of your campaigns so you can make decisions on time in order to adjust here and there to improve the results. In fact, it is recommended to change the pieces every 15 days to obtain better results. Remember that even beauty tires.

In summary, the success of your advertising campaigns will depend on how well you know your target audience, how you integrate your campaigns with other digital marketing actions, how you highlight the value of your brand, how you manage your budgets, if you choose the right platforms to reach the right audience, if your audience easily understands the concept of your campaigns and the formats you choose.

But that success will also depend a lot on how much creativity you print, how your ads are integrated into the day to day of the consumer and if you manage to get their attention in a fluid and unforced way.

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