Self-employment: Examples to work without depending on others

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Yes, it is possible to earn money without depending on others through self-employment. Discover the alternatives that will give you financial independence.

Image of a person, next to her a keyboard and a gear, this seeks to represent the digital opportunities that can be generated as self-employment.

Every day there are more people who venture into the idea of ​​the undertaking and looking for jobs that allow them to be freer and put aside dependence on other people or companies.

Meeting schedules and having a fixed salary is something that is no longer so attractive, especially in this digital environment in which we increasingly have more alternatives to undertake without the need for large capital or being an expert.

If you are looking for ways to generate self-employment and not depend on a schedule or a boss, this post is for you, because we explain what self-employment is and what are the great advantages it has for people like you.

In addition, we teach you that it is possible to work and earn money without depending on others through 10 profitable business options that you can start today.

You are ready? Let’s get started!

What is self-employment?

Self-employment is an activity in which a person creates their own job and decides to be their own boss and this can be done, among other ways, through the creation of their own business or a digital enterprise.

One of the main reasons that motivate people to self-employ is that they can choose what to do, live from their passions, develop professionally and personally, take on new challenges or simply obtain greater economic benefits.

Self-employment supposes that the person creates his own job, using his own capital, effort, and ingenuity to work independently.

We could say that every day there are more people who decide to be self-employed and start businesses or jobs that not only allow them to be more independent but also give them the opportunity to generate income without having to leave home.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-employment

Like all things in this life, self-employment has its advantages and disadvantages. These are some:


  • It is an attractive way to get out of unemployment.
  • When you are self-employed you become your own boss, you work for yourself pursuing your own interests.
  • Provides the ability to work from home and organize your time your way.
  • It allows obtaining greater profits and economic profitability.
  • Entrepreneurs who are self-employed over time obtain social and professional prestige and greater personal satisfaction.
  • It is the basis for becoming an entrepreneur.
  • With discipline it is possible to obtain great growth.


Although one of the advantages of working on your own is that you do not have fixed hours or anyone to report to, it is important to note that unlike a normal job you must dedicate as much time as possible, since success depends only on you and your effort.

  • There is always the possibility that the project will fail and you will be unemployed.
  • You won’t be able to blame your boss for problems.
  • If you don’t work, you don’t make money.
  • The beginnings are usually difficult.

10 Alternatives to generate self-employment

1. Create a startup

Startups are the businesses of the future and are those companies that are characterized by being young companies, being scalable, having some relationship with technology, and having small costs.

If you have a great idea in mind that you think could be innovative in the market and that could also help you earn income without having to invest a lot of money, this could be a great option for you.

2. Work as a freelancer

Being a freelancer is definitely a great way to work on your own and without having to leave home. The best thing is that anyone with knowledge or talent can do it, since there are a lot of work areas in which you can act, such as programmer, graphic designer, translator, content writer, salesperson, tutor, photographer, etc

To be a freelancer, the first thing you need is to select a specific activity, build your portfolio, equip yourself with the necessary tools and sign up for freelancer platforms.

3. Start a physical business

A physical business is one of the most popular self-employment initiatives that we can find. If you have large capital or the possibility of having some type of financing, this is a great idea to undertake and become your own boss.

Plus, the possibilities are endless! You can open a clothing store, a restaurant, a language school, a gym, etc.

4. Offer services at home

If you have any talent or ability, you can offer homework and generate income that way, such as beauty services, cleaning services, cooking, garden design, etc.

5. Offer consulting and advice

Surely your profession or experience in a niche can serve someone else. So one of the ideas of work from home or ways of self-employment is to offer consultancies.

For example, suppose you are a mother and want to earn money on your own to spend more time at home with your children. How about bringing together all your knowledge and daily experiences as a mother to offer consultancies?

That’s how it is. You can use all your knowledge regarding pregnancy, feeding babies, postpartum, etc. to help other mothers and earn money at the same time.

6. Give classes on something you know how to do

Giving private classes in your area of ​​​​activity is another way to undertake and earn money on your own. For example, suppose you have higher education in mathematics, and you can offer private or online classes to people who want to learn or need to improve their performance in this area.

7. Create and manage an e-commerce

An online store is also a great way to self-employ yourself and become a digital entrepreneur. It is true that to have your own e-commerce you need a platform that may require a certain investment in programming and design, as well as an investment of a certain stock of the products you want to market.

But it is important to note that when you manage to have regular customers and gain a good reputation in the market, you can make money work for you, and even expand your market.

8. Create and manage a blog

A blog is also a great alternative to starting a business and earning money with ads or working as an affiliate. The best thing about working and making money blogging is that you can do it from home or even while traveling.

You can cover topics that you are passionate about and that makes you happy, in addition, it is a type of digital entrepreneurship that does not require an investment of money. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the capital or budget to invest, you can become a recognized blogger and earn money!

9. Become a digital influencer

If you find the idea of ​​having e-commerce or giving private lessons very boring, you will surely love this idea of ​​working on your own: being a Youtuber or a digital Influencer.

The rise of the Internet and social networks have allowed millions of people to venture into the idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel or becoming a true digital influencer using social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

The best thing is that the theme possibilities are extensive; that is, you can create a YouTube channel that covers topics such as culinary, beauty and aesthetics in general, healthy eating, technology, travel, etc.

Of course, undertaking this type of initiative does not guarantee economic benefits overnight. You need to work on gaining authority and creating a community of loyal subscribers or followers who are committed to your work.

If you want to know much more about how to be a digital Influencer, do not miss this post.

10. Be a content creator

Another of the most sought-after options when starting out and working on your own is to be an info producer. An info product is a digital product that is marketed through the Internet and that can cover any type of theme or objective.

For example, let’s say you work in finance and have money management skills. A good idea is to create a digital book or ebook in which you give people advice on how to better organize their money and live without debt.

The only thing you need to become an info product is to master the subject very well, prepare the material in an attractive way and without spelling errors, make it available on an EaD platform, promote it and sell it.

In addition to the ebook, you can create an online course, which is currently the most popular info product format and the one that brings the greatest economic benefits.

Advice for those who want to work as an independent

Whichever way you want to undertake and become your own boss, we are sure that these tips will be very useful:

Self-employment is a great alternative to stop depending on others and start working on fulfilling your own dreams. In addition, the options to work on your own and become an entrepreneur are so extensive that we are sure that you will be able to find the one that best suits your profile, knowledge, and resources.

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