Google Chrome black screen problem

How to fix Google Chrome black screen problem

Some people who use Google Chrome on Windows 10, Windows 8. And Windows 7 devices sometimes see a black screen – this is a known bug and quite simple to fix.

The steps provided in this article to resolve the Google Chrome black screen issue are applicable to Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 devices.

How To Uninstall Bluestacks

How To Uninstall Bluestacks

BlueStacks, better known as the BlueStacks App Player, is an application for the Windows operating system that allows computers to successfully run applications designed for the Android operating system. BlueStacks is one of the few bridges between Windows PCs. And the Android operating system out there, and it’s also arguably the best. Using the BlueStacks app player is pretty easy, and so is installing it. However, users often have problems when they try to uninstall BlueStacks for whatever reason. The most common problem that Windows users face when trying to uninstall BlueStacks is that the program is not completely uninstalled from their computers.

Reddit search not working

Fix: Reddit search not working

Reddit is one of the most used social platforms in the world which has the concept of discussions and topics. It was launched quite recently but has gained tremendous traction in a short period of time. It is based on the concept of threads and sub-threads and you can find information about almost everything in the forum.

spotify search not working

Fix: Spotify search not working

It took me some time to go through all the settings and sift through the support forums to find solutions that actually worked. Without further ado, here is a list of solutions that will help you fix the same and get Spotify working on your Windows 10 computer.

Android charger

Android charger : 5 tips to recharge a android faster

Recharge a smartphone faster your smartphone has a low battery and you have little time to recharge it? So here are a series of tips to follow to recharge a smartphone faster.



It may be taken for granted, but the best way to recharge a smartphone faster is to turn it off. In this way the phone will not have to do is “think” about recharging. If you do not want or cannot turn off your smartphone, you could then disable all those features that excessively consume the battery, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, data connectivity (3G / 4G), and vibration. Also remember that you could also use both the airplane mode, which at one time turns off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular / data connectivity. And, if you really can’t help but use your smartphone all the time, lower the brightness of the screen to the minimum possible.


All existing smartphones are normally sold with an original charger together with an appropriate USB cable. However, nothing prevents you from using a more powerful charger to reduce the charging times of your phone. Considering that now all chargers are USB and therefore always supply the same voltage of 5  volts  (symbol  V ), the only thing to pay attention to is therefore the output current expressed in amperes  (symbol A). So, if the original charger delivers 1A and your phone is able to take advantage of a higher amperage. Then just buy another 2A USB charger to speed up charging. Remember, however, that the USB cable also plays its role in charging times, as an inappropriate USB cable could limit the current between, for example, 1A to 1.5A, making it unnecessary to purchase a longer charger. powerful.


All modern smartphones allow being connected to the computer through one of the various USB ports that are present on the PC. However, charging the smartphone through a USB port on your computer is not the best solution. As the charging will take place more slowly than usual. This is because the computer’s USB 1.0 and 2.0 ports are capable of delivering a current of, at most, 0.5 A, which is half or less than the current delivered by the original charger. If the computer had USB 3.0 ports, this value would rise to 0.9 A. But it is still a lower value than the amount of current supplied by the original charger. The only exception is the USB 3.1 ports, also called USB 3.1 Gen 2 or  SuperSpeed ​​+, which, with the help of a Type-C connector, are able to supply a current of up to 5 A.


Normally it is not necessary to remove the case or cover when charging a smartphone, but if you want to speed up its charging times, sometimes you had better do it. In fact, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in smartphones follow a simple principle: a cooler battery is a better battery. Therefore, removing cases and covers will help keep the battery at room temperature or, better still, at a lower temperature. To recharge the phone it would also be advisable to look for a cool place, avoiding exposure to the sun’s rays as much as possible. Of course, if the average room temperature is already below 30 ° C it will not be necessary to follow these precautions.

USE FAST CHARGINGAndroid charger

If you have the latest-generation smartphone with a system on a chip Snapdragon most likely you can use a feature called Quick Charge, or fast recharge. This technology, produced by Qualcomm, allows you to significantly reduce charging times by allowing, for example, a 50% charge in just thirty minutes. To take full advantage of this feature, in addition to the compatibility of your device with this technology. It is also necessary to use an appropriate charger, just like this one for example.


Of course, you don’t always have the possibility to recharge your smartphone’s battery. So it would be better to have a portable charger, also called a  power bank, a solar-powered charger, or, if you use the machine often, a battery charger at hand. car. In any case, remember that all these tips allow you to recharge your phone’s battery faster when you don’t have much time to recharge it, however it is not advisable to follow them every day. In fact, slow and constant charging is much better to make your phone’s battery last longer, thus avoiding stressing it as little as possible.

How to charge your phone without a charger

How to charge your phone without a charger

It is not always possible to charge our faithful Android smartphone or iPhone with the original charger, since when we are traveling, in a meeting, or out and about, it is not possible to immediately find a power outlet to connect it to recover the charge lost up to that moment. . In these scenarios we can still keep the phone under charge using one of the alternative charging methods, so as not to arrive at the end of the day with the device completely discharged despite having the charger at hand.

Laptop suddenly shuts off

Laptop suddenly shuts off: the solutions

It can happen that our laptop suddenly shuts off while we are working or playing, causing not only the loss of unsaved documents or potential game sessions but in the worst cases also the breakage of important hardware components such as the HDD.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

Wireless headphones are headphones that synchronize with a computer via a Bluetooth connection. They allow the computer user to get rid of the wires that hold him in the system unit and limit mobility. How to set up and connect Bluetooth headphones to a desktop computer using a wireless connection? Very simple!

difference between MP3 and MP4

What is the difference between MP3 and MP4?

MP3 and MP4, what are the differences?

Numerous individuals keep thinking about whether MP4 is an “improved variant” of MP3 in the whole regard. The response to this inquiry is without a doubt “NO”, as these are two distinct sorts of chronicle information.

Indeed, MP3s allude just to the sound coding angle, while MP4s additionally store pictures, recordings, text, and captions. So for this situation, we are discussing a genuinely advanced holder of various kinds of data.

To more readily comprehend what are the contrasts between the two arrangements, how about we dissect both inside and out.

MP3, history, and featuresdifference between MP3 and MP4

Planned by the Moving Picture gathering of specialists and acquainted with the world in the mid-1990s, MP3, short for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, is a sound organization that has upset the idea of music and its transportability.

Its activity depends on a particular lossy pressure calculation that permits you to fundamentally lessen the volume of information helpful for the proliferation of a soundtrack, called Lossy (deciphered: Loss).

Regardless of this pressure, the eventual outcome stays devoted to the first chronicle for by far most of the clients.

Practically speaking, any recurrence considered impalpable by the human ear is considered “eliminable”.

What does this involve? Basic! The subsequent MP3 document will be incredibly more modest than the beginning track, along these lines, in a volume that already could just contain 20 music records, many MP3 tracks can be put away.

MP4, history, and featuresdifference between MP3 and MP4

The dispatch of MP4, or MPEG4 Part 14, traces all the way back to the mid-2000s, decisively to 2002. And is utilized for computerized video and sound transfers, pictures, and captions.

It is characterized as an interactive media compartment in a standard organization or part of MPEG4 and doesn’t have a standard data encoding strategy.

The MP4 innovation depends on the Apple QuickTime MOV design with, moreover, uphold for various MPEGs and prevalent quality sound communicated in AAC ( Advanced Audio Coding ) design.

From this, you can comprehend that MP4 can be sound, video, or sound + video records simultaneously, likewise thinking about the conceivable presence of pictures or captions.

This is for instance the most broadly utilized configuration in the continually advancing universe of computerized TV and versatile video communication.

Recollect that the two expansions MP4 and M4A show a similar sort of record, what changes are just the augmentation and, much of the time. You can rename a particular document to make it reasonable for perusing by the program.

Bottom line: when to use MP3 and MP4?

Finally, when should you choose MP3 or MP4 format?

If your record is only a soundtrack, to be tuned in to while you are running. And to be played through a little convenient gadget. It is acceptable to change over your tunes into the MP3 design.

This will occupy less room on your gadget, save great sound quality. And can store a lot more melodies in the player’s memory.

On the off chance that then again, the records you are keen on are recordings. May be joined by sound, pictures, and captions. And will be played inside a gadget with a screen, the organization that I suggest is surely MP4.

In any event, for web-based on the web, or regardless of when you need a better caliber. MP4 is the best augmentation to utilize.

How to change tiktok username

How to change tiktok username to a stylish one

As you may already know, TikTok has become the social network of the moment in which millions of people create content on a daily basis. Maybe with the hysteria of the moment, you too created a profile in this application and now you don’t like the name you initially chose. For this reason, today we explain how you can change your username on TikTok following a tremendously easy process but, yes, with some limitations.