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10 ways to gamify your Photo fun contests

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If you have been attentive to our communications, or have entered the platform and created a draft with the photo contest application, you will have noticed the new photo Fun contests  tool. The name already describes, in a synthetic way, its main function: to give a more fun to the photos of the contest. But the truth is that the utilities of this new section can go beyond that of  personalizing the photos of the participants with speech bubbles, arrows or frames. And there we are, about to give you 9 ideas to ignite the imagination and start creating more surprising and innovative contests using the new tool. Are you interested?

Photo fun contests personalizing according to options

gamify your Photo Fun contests

Our first DEMO of this functionality, Chocoholic , is in itself a totally plausible idea to put into practice. Imagine that you have a consumer product and you want to make a promotion to increase the visualization of the brand, obtain content generated by the user, survey the participants according to their preferences and obtain their contact information. Wow! Yes, all this is allowed by a photo contest, but with photo Fun contests they increase the efficiency and achievement of these objectives . Why?

You can  upload the frames and stickers of the brand (in White Label version), with which you can create rationalization tools for the photo to your needs, and getting a much wider visualization of your logo, your colors, your product, etc. In the Choc fun DEMO, the participant had to personalize his photo with one of the three frames (white chocolate, dark chocolate or chocolate with hazelnuts). This allows:

Know preferences of the participant.

  • Obtain user generated content where the logo and image of the brand stands out.
  • If the votes are activated or encouraged to share with friends, spread that content on social networks.
  • You can present the promotion in your own domain , with https support, for a campaign that fully fits with your branding and brand recognition strategy.
  • You can filter the participants by the frame or the stickers they have chosen, and with it:
  • Raffle different lots by segmenting the finalists according to their preferences.
  • Send them the photo in an automatic email, send them a coupon according to their preferences, remind them of the URL to spread their photo and get votes, etc.

You can decide how the size of the photos will be according to the interests of your action: type Facebook banner, square so that you post them on your Instagram profile, type Story to encourage your vitalization in Instagram stories …

Contest with more expressive photos

top Photo Fun contests

It is one of the simplest uses of photo fun contests : to give dynamism and expression to the participating photos , as if it were a photo of the Cu ore magazine. The photo contests are one of the promotions most valued by the participants and by the brands. They allow a more relaxed content, and a more personal and unique participation. If you want to give more tools to your participants , activate the Photo fun contests  and enable frames and stickers that you like to boost the photos. You have a range of labels and frames according to themes. Do you have something more personalized in mind and would you like to upload your own word snacks, stickers or frames for a special action? With the White Label version you can upload all your creations.

Photos “made in”

Another way is to use the photo fun contests  to give a corporate, branded look to all the photos. Maybe we do not plan to organize a specific theme, but we do reinforce the image of the brand in the elements of the contest. In this sense, create and upload your own frames of the brand, with logo and corporate colors, is a good option to give elegance and seriousness to the promotion. In the next DEMO, a hotel could encourage its guests to share how their experience has been in that place with a photo contest where they can select an image of their reel or take a photo on site , choose between several frames and finish with stickers.

Offer your scenarios and ask to personalize them

Photo fun contests also allows more advanced dynamics, such as offering one or more scenarios and asking participants to choose a background and personalize it with stickers. This way you can create co-creation dynamics with the followers of the brand. For example, we could propose several scenarios for the Bethlehem and they could choose the one they most imagine, to download a postcard with which to congratulate the parties.

Another example in the field of proposing scenarios: it would be to ask the participants how they like to consume or use a product, survey type, but through using the image editor. In the next DEMO you can see how several scenarios of a drink are presented and the participant can design an ideal scenario choosing between frames (scenarios) and stickers (ingredients). As all the texts can be adapted to the language of the promotion to make it more attractive and appropriate, we have been able to change the names of the options so that the dynamics are much easier to understand.

Find the differences

The new tool also allows generating other types of dynamics more related to the typical games that we found on paper, such as newspapers and magazines, such as “Find the differences”. For example, it is easy to upload an image that includes two scenes with small changes between them and ask the participants to identify them. In this case, we will upload a sticker that allows us to mark or close the differences , as in the following example.

Make diffusion of the library through social networks.

Social networks are a very important means of communication, dissemination and vitalization in today’s society. Libraries need the help of their users to reach as many people as possible. Take into account: number of publications made, social networks in which the publication is made and impact of the publication.

The aim is to: Vitalize services and content, increase collaboration between library and users, increase the sense of belonging, provide a new means of communication, attract new users and build loyalty to existing ones.

Control: A control could be carried out directly by the librarian from the mentions to the library. It would be necessary to know the username of the person in each social network.

Propose challenges to solve, such as “Checkmate”

discover Photo Fun contests

In its White Label version, photo fun contests allows you to upload an image to pose a challenge to the participants . For example, it is usual to present a chess board with a specific move and ask the user to solve it in the form of “checkmate”. The brand can simply want to entertain users, or go further and customize the pieces with their color, logo or style. As you can upload all the stickers you want, you can present the pieces in your own way, add circles or arrows to make it easier to point out how they would solve the challenge, etc.

With the same idea, the brand could present a puzzle board and ask the participants to assemble it (raising the pieces as stickers) or other simple pastimes, provided that completing the challenge does not mean much difficulty using the stickers. For example, hieroglyphics, vocal flight, word searches, anagrams, and everything your creativity proposes and is easy to execute and participate.

Face to face, photos next to a famous

Another dynamic that may be attractive for many brands is the dynamic of creating a fictitious photo between the participant and a famous person , a character that represents that campaign, the mascot of our brand, etc. To do this, we only have to upload the possible characters as “frames” with a transparent background. When the participant accesses the app, they can upload a photo of themselves, apply one of the characters that the brand has proposed, and adapt their photo to make it as believable as possible. In addition, with the stickers you can give a more fun touch, and if the brand uploads sandwiches or other icons to complement that identify the brand, it will improve its notoriety.

Design fashion

For all the fashion and accessories industry, the photo fun contests  tool can be a very fun and easy way to know which products are calling the most attention to your target audience . For example, you can upload the collection of bags and shoes and that each participant can dress the mannequin with those objects that they like the most. Or in the case of clothing brands, show the textile pieces that we are most interested in promoting so that the participant can “prove” them in virtual mode by adding a photo of them and using the stickers that the brand uploads. In the following example, a fun way to show the complements of a doll and make it from the game.

Customize with the face of the participant

the Photo Fun contests

And the last idea of ​​this list: propose several frames / peculiar scenarios and ask the participant to put the face on the one that he likes the most. Ideal to entertain your community by showing your brand but in a casual and close way. For example, asking what costume he likes best. The trick is very easy: we generate frames / scenarios with a transparent part, just where we want the participant to fit the face of the photo that has been uploaded. Put the logo or a distinctive object of the brand in that image, because if the result is funny and beautiful, it is sure to be shared!

And here are these ideas to use the photo fun contests  tool. Many of them are only available in White Label because they allow a very high degree of rationalization. Do you like what you can do with it? Then enter the platform and create your first photo contest with Photo fun  to test the dynamics you have in mind . It has no associated cost until you want to activate and launch the campaign.

Finally, there is nothing better to know the users of the  photo fun contests  than to observe them. Be aware of what they do and what they like most. I’m not saying that you have to make an individual mark to each of the people who enter the libraries, but to measure, annotate and reward the use they make of it. The ultimate goal of this user study is to know them better and encourage them to make more and better use of the Photo Fun.

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