How to show ping in fortnite

How to show ping in fortnite

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How to show ping in Fortnite. During a Fortnite game, something unexpected happened. A second before the opponent was in front of you, he suddenly appeared on the opposite side of the map. A moment’s delay has ruined the most epic game in history. So you would like to know how to seeping into Fortnite, to understand if this problem was caused by a sudden instability in the Internet connection.

Excellent idea, in fact, if you want, I can give you a hand to quickly reach your goal. I assure you, you have nothing to worry about. You can quickly check the ping in Fortnite from your PC, mobile phone , tablet, or video game console.

In short, whatever platform you are playing this famous video game with, to see the ping you just need to carefully follow a few simple steps, which you can find illustrated below.

With that said, if you are impatient to take action and get to the heart of the matter. I advise you to sit back comfortably, take a few minutes of free time, and read the following procedures carefully.

What is ping?

If you experience lag issues when playing Fortnite, it may be due to high ping. For this reason, before explaining to you in detail how to seeping into Fortnite. I must give you a brief introduction to explain what ping is and indicate what its optimal value is.

Ping is an acronym for Packet Internet Groper ( Packet Internet Groper). And is a system used to measure the time of transmission of data from point A to point B (in this case from the device to Fortnite servers ).

It is expressed in milliseconds (ms) and is one of the main indicators that measure the quality of the Internet connection. Its optimal value should be a maximum of 80 ms. Above this value, the ping is considered insufficient and this can cause delays in data transmission, which at stake can cause latency issues.

During this tutorial, I will not get into technical merit on how to reduce ping. In this case, if you need more clarification on this, I recommend that you read my guide dedicated to the subject, in which I explained in more detail how to test ping and also how to reduce it.

Show ping in Fortnite from the PC

If you want to show ping in Fortnite from the PC, start by starting the game client that you previously downloaded and installed on your PC. Then double click on the Fortnite icon. Select the same icon Launchpad macOS (if you have a Mac ) or, again, start the launcher of Epic Games, and its main screen, press the button starts you find in Fortnite.

As soon as the game has started, select the game mode that interests you (eg Battle Royal ), by pressing its menu item. Wait for the game to load and press the Esc button to see the lobby screen.

At this point, if you want to see the ping in Fortnite, you need to start a game (as the option needed to activate it is only visible during a match). After that, press the game or game button (which you can see in the lobby screenshot ). Wait for the match to find a game to assign you. As soon as the game has started, press the Esc button on the keyboard. So you can see a box at the top with the team details.

In the menu that appears, click on the gear symbol you see in the upper right corner. Press the gear symbol located on the top menu bar. Click on the interface tab.

At this point, on the Settings screen, make sure that the Actual Error Statistics item is set to yes. Otherwise, activate it with the appropriate lever and confirm the operation by pressing apply. Then go back to the game screen.

As you can see, by activating this menu item you can find information about PING in the upper left corner of the screen. Check its numerical value and the indications provided in the previous chapter to understand if you have a high ping.

From mobile phones and tabletsHow to show ping in fortnite

You can see the ping in Fortnite even if you are playing this famous video game on Android or iOS (a platform in which only the Battle Royale mode is available ).

To continue, start the game by pressing its icon on the main screen of your device or in the drawer (the section where there is a list of all installed applications and games). Wait for the main screen to load, to see the lobby section.

Now, a new game starts, so you can activate the option that allows you to see the ping in the game. Then press the game button located in the lower right corner. As soon as the game has started, tap on the symbol ( ☰ ) that you can see in the upper right corner. In the context menu, tap the gear icon.

At this point, you will find the setup screen. Press the symbol of a gear that you can see at the top of the menu bar. Touch the interface tab. Finally, make sure the Actual Debug Stats rumor is set to yes, otherwise move the toggle to activate it.

To confirm the operation, press the apply button and then on the back. To return to the game screen and see the ping and its relative numerical value.

From the console

You are playing Fortnite from your console and would you like to know if you have high ping to understand if the lag issues are due to your internet connection? Don’t worry, doing it is very simple; Carefully follow the instructions on the following lines.

To see the ping in Fortnite from the console, start the game by selecting its icon on the main screen. Or the one with the list of all installed applications and games. After that, select the game mode you are interested in with the Battle Royale or Save the World controller. Wait for the main screen named lobby to load. And start a new game by selecting the game button (on PS4 press the triangle button on Xbox One Y ).

The option related to the activation of debugging statistics can only be activated in the game, using the settings menu. So once it starts, hit the immediate menu button on the controller (it’s that option on PS4 and the one with the ☰ symbol on Xbox One). So you can see the gear info section above.

Now, select the symbol of gear and then using the controller buttons as shown on the screen (for example, on PS4, press R2 ). Go to the interface located in the next menu that appears.

Finally, make sure the menu item is active Actual Debug Statistics. Otherwise, move the lever up YES and confirm the operation. Return to the game screen to display, in the upper left corner, the numerical value of the ping.

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