How to open SWF files

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Computers have become one of the most important parts of our daily life since, through them, we carry out a multitude of daily tasks and jobs. We achieve this thanks to a large multitude of programs and very varied files that allow us to perform different actions.

One of these examples is found in SWF files, a fairly common file type belonging to the Adobe family that is generally executed without too much problem by the browser itself. However, there are times when we can find SWF files that we cannot open or, when doing so, we see that it does not work as it should. If you want to know how to open SWF files smoothly and easily, as well as what elements you need to take into account to do so, keep reading We tell you!

What is an SWF file

These types of files receive their name from the English acronym Shockwave Flash, later renamed Small Web Format to avoid possible confusion. It is a file format that belongs to the Macromedia company and is directly associated with Adobe Systems products. Broadly speaking, it is a file that has vector graphics and that can be created using the Adobe Animate program. However, it is also important to point out that, today, you can find other similar programs that will also allow us to create this type of file and that, in many cases, they are free software that can be used by anyone. Some examples would be MTASC or SWFTools among others.

How to Open an SWF File in Windows

The process to open an SWF file will vary depending on the computer we are using. In the event that our computer is a Windows PC, what we will have to do is the following:

  • First of all, we must go to the SWF File Player web page, which is the program that we will need to be able to execute this type of file. This is where we will find everything related to this type of file, including the programs necessary to be able to execute them correctly. Once we are on the page, we must look for the button that activates the download of the program. In general, it is a button on the screen that will have the text “Download now” or “Download now” as the case may be.
  • The file will then start to download, which usually takes a few minutes. Once we have the program downloaded, we must run it to install the SWF File Player program. This will be done quite easily since it will basically consist of following the steps suggested by the program itself to carry out the installation.
  • Once we have the program installed, we must open it and look for the “File” tab. Then, we will press the “Open” option and select the corresponding SWF file that we will have saved on the PC.

How to Open an SWF File on Mac

On the other hand, if what we want is to open the SWF file on a Mac computer, it will also be necessary to download a specific application that allows us to run it.

  • In this case, we must first go to the Elmedia player page, a type of program that will allow us to run different types of files.
  • Once we are on the Elmedia player page, we must look for the download option for said application. We will press the corresponding button and, after a few minutes, the program will be completely downloaded to our computer.
  • Next, we must execute the program, which will be in DMG format. Then, the installation of the program will start and we will be able to run it correctly from our Mac computer.
  • Once we have the Elmedia player installed on the computer, we must open it, look for the “File” option and select the “Open” option just as we would have done on a Windows PC.
  • Next, it will be enough to select the SWF file that we want to open and that we must also have downloaded to our Mac computer for the occasion.
  • Finally, a pop-up window will appear that will allow us to select among several files available on the computer and we will select the file in question, which will open correctly on the Mac computer through the Elmedia player without problems.

With these steps, you now know how to open an SWF file on both a Windows computer and a Mac.

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