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How to use gaming keyboard and mouse for ps4: what games are they compatible with

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Thanks to the versatility and precision of the mouse and keyboard, many gamers prefer to play on the PC while they have a PlayStation 4, ignoring that even the Sony console is compatible with the controls of the “master race”. Although they are compatible peripherals, for some reason Sony has never pushed so much on the possibility. Even if the Japanese giant itself admits that writing messages or browsing the web from consoles is quite inconvenient with DualShock 4. Let’s see together how to configure the mouse and keyboard on PlayStation 4 and what games are supported.

How do I connect the mouse and keyboard to my PlayStation 4?

All that is needed is to connect them to the USB ports, wait a few seconds for the console to recognize the devices. And if you want, you can customize your preferred settings from Settings, Devices.

If you are setting up Bluetooth devices, you must connect the adapters and wait about thirty seconds before pairing. Check-in Settings, Devices after turning them on to make sure the console has recognized the peripherals. The process is automatic most of the time anyway. In case you just need to type faster. You can use the Remote Play app or the PS4 Second Screen, both available for iOS and Android devices, select the text fields and type from your smartphone.

What mice and keyboards can I play with on PlayStation 4?

Fortunately, PlayStation 4 supports almost all mouse and keyboard models, whether they are wired or Bluetooth, the important thing is to be able to connect them via USB (even with adapters). But some keyboards perform better than others. We especially recommend the Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard, which is also compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, light and comfortable, whose keys have soft pressure and rounded edges. The keyboard is also illuminated, perfect for playing with the lights off.

We also report the Logitech G190 keyboard, a wired keyboard with programmable keys and a screen capable of listing game statistics (compatible games only). And with two built-in USB ports, so you can connect a mouse and maybe headphones. Finally, even if it is not exactly a classic PC keyboard model. We highlight the particular HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro. An officially licensed keyboard for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 that includes activation keys and an analog stick. As well as easily re-assignable for the touchpad or to the Share button.

What games can I use the mouse and keyboard with? Is there an adapter?

Hence, in all likelihood, the feature’s lack of publicity – mouse and keyboard-compatible games are unfortunately very few. Among these, there are only a few FPS and MMORPGs, with some highly sought-after ones like Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and Minecraft missing. Here is the complete list:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfaregaming keyboard and mouse for ps4

However, it is possible to “bypass the system” and configure an additional adapter, Xim 4, capable of simulating the commands of a DualShock 4 on your keyboard, but it is an expensive and unofficial method; It is still a controller emulation, but also compatible with PlayStation 3. But beware: some users after using Xim 4 have been banned from PlayStation Network. And speaking of bans, also pay attention to the use of the mouse and keyboard in Overwatch. It is possible to do so, however, Blizzard is explicitly against its use of consoles. As it would be an “unfair advantage” over classic players and could take security measures.

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Therefore, playing on PlayStation 4 with a mouse and keyboard is possible and. Especially with FPS of the caliber of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, satisfactory. But the risks and the restricted catalog of games compatible with peripherals make it clear why Sony never announced the possibility. But the recent openness to cross-play and the promising potential of the PlayStation 5 bodes well for future support for a more studied and better-compatible keyboard and mouse.

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