So you think you can design a website?

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When you’re trying to manage and run a small business you need to become a bit of a Jack Of All Trades. This applies even more during the startup process, when you have to come up not just the original idea for your fledgling business, but also create a business plan, raise finance, find premises and sort out your tax liabilities. And that’s just for starters!

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Even with a few employees you’ll probably find that people must mix and match a little with their roles in order to function as a team and get the work done. People are usually willing to learn new skills, or to refine their existing ones, in order to progress the business and achieve the Holy Grail of healthy profits.

Web design without the design

When it comes to creating and maintaining a website most people simply don’t have a clue where to begin. Obviously it’s not just a case of tapping out a few sentences on a word processor, and unless you have some formal, or informal, training in the subject it can all be a bit of a mystery.

Lots of small businesses head for one of the many DIY website companies that are springing up online. For a very small fee you can access a range of templates, add your own photographs, graphics and text and there you have it – a functioning website that hardly makes a dent in your budget. Or does it?

What these business managers fail to realise is that having a web presence is simply not enough to bring in customers. In fact, apart from the fact that most potential customers will never even find your site in the first place, get it wrong and you will actually put them off – which is definitely not good for the future of your business!

Necessary skills for good web design

There’s more to creating a website than cobbling together a bit of text and a few images. According to a blog post on Web Design From Scratch there are some key skills required to put a functioning site together, including a knowledge of HTML and CSS, graphic design knowledge and an understanding of SEO techniques.

Web Marketing Today concurs, adding that a good grasp of visual hierarchy can capture the attention and interest of potential customers, which ultimately will lead them to explore your site with a good degree of positivity – essential if you plan on making significant sales of your products or services.

You could probably save money by learning to fix your own boiler, but you wouldn’t necessarily trust your ability to do so – and the same applies to a good web marketing strategy. Calling in professional assistance may cost more, but the job will be done correctly, efficiently and appropriately, guaranteeing a positive end result. So if you are looking for a Gloucester Web Design company, check out the services offered by professionals such as Digitel.

Sometimes only professional expertise will do, and surely the digital lifeblood of your company is worth spending money on?

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