Signs That You Need New Membership Management Software

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The technology you use needs to reflect your organisation as it grows – in members and responsibilities. Nothing stays perfect forever, and some day you will have to go out and find a new, better-fitting tool.

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Technology is growing and is here to stay, and our expectations have grown with that. Lists that were once manageable using a spreadsheet are now obsolete, and the systems that were once cutting-edge are out of date and need updating.

Upgrading to any new system is daunting, especially one as crucial as your membership management system. It holds information on your members, suppliers, events, successes, plans and costs. It’s vital to keep information safe and in line with privacy, financial and data regulations, so an update is often a must-have as opposed to a nice-to-have.

Because technology is moving so fast, finding the right provider is important as you want to be future-proofed. Be sure you know what you’re looking for, spend plenty of time scoping out what you need and ask yourself what you do by hand that would be great to automate.

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So how do you recognise the signs?

1. Your existing system makes life harder than it should.

2. You know that the investment will save time and money in the long run.

3. You can’t connect with other internal systems and supplier systems.

4. You still have to run off additional lists from other systems to complete activities.

5. Organising simple tasks like mailing lists has become too onerous, as the system has reached capacity or won’t recognise new information.

6. The site is so restrictive and ‘old’ and you don’t want that to reflect your organisation.

7. You have information and personal data that has been gathered but nowhere to add it.

8. Data guidelines have changed and you can’t keep up with them.

9. Your support company is no longer able to support you.

If any of these signs rings true, then it’s worth looking for options.

Sites like will be able to help, but to be sure they are perfect try using for a broader view of what’s out there, as they can also provide lots of useful information.

Your business deserves the best software you can afford, so leave that old software behind and explore the possibilities out there today.


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