How to move a static Caravan.

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One of the nicest things that you can have in the whole world is a static caravan. These homes are usually based near the seaside or in a nice rural location that takes in a great view. What if you want to move it though? There are several reasons why you might have to although the clue is in the name static basically means it needs to stay where it is. However, if the lease is up or you just fancy a change of scene it’s an idea to possibly move the thing to a new camp. It does happen. You might have seen one of them rolling up the motorway or, even worse been stuck behind one on a country road on its way to its new home. One thing is definitely sure they won’t be delivered in a day like a Same day courier Slough based company I know would do it in. Check them out at to get an idea of their services.

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Going back to statics they move in a much slower ponderous way. They are in bits when they start out and you need to move the unit as a whole as it rolls on to its destination. When they reach their destination some of them come as a flatpack that is easier to put together. However, some arrive in a semi complete form and its only the insides that needs to be put in place. The only problem is getting the larger unit to the site.

This is where a speciality team needs to be employed. To start with the moving company will start to lease with the Highway Agency and the local police force to make sure they are aware of the statics moving route. Not just that the drivers of the trucks moving the static will generally have had special training with the Highway Agency and the Police in how to drive and handle such a huge load. The moving company also offers an escort service in addition to the Police and Agency presence.

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Where they really earn, their money is the planning of the route. Its hard to believe that you can get a static caravan down a country road and generally you can which is why few of major campsites in the country are located of the beaten track. Once they get to the destination, they usually offer an installation service. The reason being that getting the static to correctly balance is an art otherwise your going to get very sea sick.

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