Information and Communication Technologies in everyday life

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The examples that exist of information and communication technologies in everyday life are vast. At present, if you want, you can use a mobile phone in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, restaurant, meeting, party, travel, and many other places; Likewise, you can communicate with people from other countries and share personal information such as photos, achievements, likes and moments.

On the other hand, it is said that information and communication technologies in everyday life become visible and present when you use computers, cell phones, tablets, social networks, etc. Thus, one of the most important branches of technology and computing today.

Here are 5 examples of information and communication technologies in everyday life that you probably did not know, but that you have already used.


There is no better way to exemplify ICT in everyday life than by emphasizing the emails, emails, and messages that we send every day to share school tasks or work communications. Currently, the most used email services in Mexico and other parts of the world are Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.

Social Networks

It could be said that the pillar of ICT today are social networks, and this is because, through them, people can communicate regardless of distance, time and geographical area. For example, the power of ICT is present when you talk to your best friend who went on a trip to Europe, even when you read the news that is trending in other countries.

Some of the most famous social networks are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, TikTok, Messenger, etc.

Online Banking

There is no doubt that ICTs are a very powerful tool for remote communication, which is why banks now attend to the financial requests of their users even if they are thousands away from one of their headquarters. For example, now it is easier for you to transfer money, buy online or check your bank account without having to go to a branch.

Video Games

Whoever says that videogames are not useful for everyday life, surely does not know that they are means that favor communication, coexistence, fun and even education. In fact, some people claim that the combination of traditional games with video games can favor the development of children who, although they enrich their motor skills with activities that involve the whole body, also acquire agility and dexterity when they learn to manipulate control.

Online Education

Based on the fact that education is necessary for the development and training of people, ICTs find an opportunity in schools. By this, we mean that today, educational institutions do not need to summon their students in person to teach classes, hold school activities, or carry out bureaucratic procedures.

ICTs have become so involved in education that, today, there are many digital platforms and applications that simulate a classroom so that students and teachers can interact and live together. That is why today there are both Google Classroom and Edmodo.

The virtues of ICT are focused on: speed, agility, and massification of information flows, for that reason, users from different parts of the world can connect with each other through their computers, tablets, cell phones and other specialized devices to talk. , send documents and share files.

Now that you know some examples of information and communication technologies in everyday life, do you remember having used one? If the topic seems interesting and relevant to you, go deeper into it when you study for your degree and over time let other people know how important it is today.

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