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How technology is transforming hotels all around the world?

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Travel is one of the most popular activities in the world, and hotels are no exception. In recent years, technology has played a major role in how hotels operate, and there are numerous benefits that come with it. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most prominent trends in the hotel industry and how they’re being impacted by technology. We hope this will give you a better understanding of how technology is transforming hotels around the world and what you can do to take advantage of these changes. You can check out the Hotels in Barcelona.

How technology is transforming hotels all around the world?

There are a number of ways that technology is transforming the hotel industry, but we’ll focus on three main areas: customer experience, booking and reservation systems, and room management.

Customer Experience

In terms of customer experience, technology has helped hotels make their services more convenient for visitors. For example, some hotels now offer online check-in and check-out so guests can get through the process faster than ever before. In addition, hotels are increasingly integrating technology into their general public areas, such as in the lobby. The Hotels in Rioja Spain feature a business center and meeting rooms where guests can check-in using technology. Other tech-friendly features that you’ll find in hotels are automated doors, thermostats, coffee machines and multi-media systems. For example, there is a new smartphone application for choosing restaurants that guests can use when dining at one of the hotel’s bars and restaurant options.

Room Management

Technology has also revolutionized room management by helping hotels keep their guest’s rooms in top condition. Video recording and, soon, facial recognition technology are used to monitor hotel guests’ stay while they sleep. Additionally, smartphones allow guests to view a video of the happenings around their area on-demand without having to call housekeepers (or send an email). However, different kinds of technology have been combined into one system that allows both cheap and luxurious rooms to be decorated in the same way.

Booking & Reservation Systems

Technology has also improved the way hotels book their rooms. Examples of this are smart booking systems that manage guest reservations and enable one-touch check-in on WiFi-enabled devices for added convenience for guests. Additionally, smartphone apps can be used to quickly update a hotel’s reservation/reservation system with new photos and reviews, creating an unparalleled level of interactivity among users (including global travelers who publish opinions via social networking sites).

Data Protection

A number of technological developments have aided in better protecting customer information, including mobile credit and debit payment systems. Smartcards – similar to traditional ticketing machines, create more convenient payments for guests using smartphones through wearable devices such as watches. Guests also use their smartphones to unlock doors or even door handles in hotel rooms, although there are now other ways of securing a room, too (including giving hard-coded passwords which cannot be copied).


Upon check-out, some hotels include parking as part of their service. Smart car and shuttle services ensure that guests can leave the complex with ease (and free up taxis), while other garages offer valet functions where cars are maintained for you (with security cameras in use to catch anyone who might be trying to steal your Volkswagen).

Management & Reputation Assistant Services

Hoteliers also benefit from advancements in technology with SMS message systems, e-notifications, websites, and mobile applications. These tools allow hoteliers to efficiently communicate with guests via their preferred means, whether it’s text messaging or updating them on a new service. This can improve the voice of authority from personal managers who might be perceived as being too informal by some guests (especially tourists!)

Room Keys

Room keys are increasingly being replaced by card-key systems in many establishments where hoteliers recycle discontinued cards. This highly secure system allows the individual to push a button and receive their key for entry into a room or building, which avoids the need for guests to find their own way through security barriers. Guests can additionally access safes (as well as other areas) from anywhere within 24 hours via the innovation of mobile application software called QR codes.

Online services

Although booking options for independent hotels vary, guests can still access them with their own devices to reserve rooms via websites, apps and other modern means of providing customized functionality.


In recent times comforters have become an increasingly popular addition to staterooms on ships as part of the overall enhancement of quality of life aboard these vessels through new technologies, services and amenities that visitors deserve! This ensemble is now routinely available as a part of the Standard stateroom selection for moderate-priced cruises!

Laundry services

Laundry services aboard cruise lines have been improved from not being provided to now offering guests many options, such as self-service laundries that are open 24 hours a day. Luggage tags and labels for lost or misplaced items also help to streamline the process for guests who want their clothes back without having to constantly contact guest services.

Hotels have always been a staple in society and have always been in the business of providing a comfortable place to stay for their guests. But with the advent of technology, things are changing at an unprecedented pace. From the way guests are interacted with to the way hotels are run, technology is playing an ever-growing role.

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