home design apps for android

6 useful and creative home design apps for android

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Getting the spaces of the home to be the way you have dreamed them can become a challenge when you change your house or apartment or when you want to make modifications. However, achieving it can be easier than it seems, and even fun, if you do it yourself with the help of technology. In the applications market, it is estimated that there are more than one million of these in different categories, there are several that will serve to decorate your home without losing details.

Home design apps for android

Here we present six home design apps for android. So that, you can decorate the spaces of your home yourself. Some can help you choose the type of furniture, the colors for the walls, others will give you ideas and allow you to simulate the final result before making any changes in the room.

Home design 3D- Freemium

1. Home design 3D- Freemium

This application, which has a free version and another Premium, is ideal for decorating, rearranging or designing the house of your dreams.  Home Desing works in 2D and 3D and allows you to add, edit and move rooms, walls, and objects. With it you can design both the interior and exterior of the home and the best thing is that to use this app you do not need an internet connection. It also has a complete tutorial and is available in Spanish on both iOS and Android.

Paint tester

2. Paint tester

Finding the best color for a room can be a challenge. Therefore, if you want to change the tone of the walls, with this application you can do it without risking the final result is not expected. Paint Tester, available in the App Store and on Google Play. It works by taking a photograph of the wall to be painted and using the application tools you can change the color. Also it allows you to see how the space would look before paint it If the tone does not like it. You can replace it until you find the one you like.

Photo measures lite

3. Photo measures lite

This tool has a Lite version, which is free in both Android and iOS and another paid version. Photo Measures will help you to have all the dimensions, measurements and sizes of space. It works by taking a photo of the place or object and in the image the exact measurements will be indicated.

Palette - Extract Real/Live colors from any photo

4. Palette – Extract Real/Live colors from any photo

This is a good alternative when choosing the tones for a room or place in your house. It allows you to create color palettes from objects to achieve the best combination. The application is for iOS devices. Download the app to extract the colors form any image.

iHandy Level Free

5. iHandy Level Free

The best application for a carpenter. This tool will be useful for hanging pictures, because it will make them completely right. It’s free and it’s in the Google Play and App Store stores.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

6. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

In this application, you can choose the interior design according to your room size and choice. It is available for iOS and Android, you will find more than eight million high definition photographs that will inspire you to decorate, design and remodel interiors and exteriors of your home. In it you can search for images by room, style or place, you can also save and share them. Additionally, it allows you to connect with more than one million professionals from architects, contractors, designers, among others, who can help you with your projects.

Final thought,

From the tons of application, we bring these 6 home design apps for android device. All are useful to decorate your house. If you know any apps like these, share with us in the comment section.

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