7 Tips on How to Create a Successful Mobile Applications

7 Tips on How to Create a Successful Mobile Applications

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The number of mobile devices in the world far exceeds the number of desktop computers in homes and offices. Every day, users of Smartphone’s, tablets and other modern mobile devices are becoming more and more, so the need and significance of high-quality and successful mobile applications are obvious. Nielsen Telecom has calculated that the use of mobile applications averages 56% of all actions performed on Smartphone’s (against 15% for calls, 19% for e-mail and messaging, and 9% for browsing the web and 1% for working with the camera).

The market for corporate mobile applications is just beginning to unfold, for example, many large network brands are now thinking about expanding their corporate desktop applications by developing a mobile version. Our company has implemented more than a dozen projects based on various mobile technologies, which allows us to be proud of our experience in mobile development.

7 Tips on How to Create a Successful Mobile Applications

We selected seven key ideas that make up the recipe for creating successful mobile applications. Here they are:

  • Look for young developers. For the development of progressive and successful mobile applications need an active young team. 22-year-old programmers do an excellent job with mobile projects, quickly optimizing the functionality of an existing desktop application for mobile platforms (for example, iOS).
  • “Fly in the clouds!” Without a cloud platform, you will hardly be able to competently switch to a mobile platform. However, the idea is not to transfer the components of the old system to Amazon or Azure — you will need a truly cloud-oriented and service-oriented architecture with a separate user interface, which will allow you to use application logic using a different web or mobile clients.
  • Go to the short release cycles of the new versions. The speed of innovation is high; changes in mobile technologies are constantly taking place, so you will have to take care of keeping up with the times by regularly updating your application. A smaller increase in functionality in less time is easier to control.
  • Do not reinvent the wheel. It should be easy for the user to work with your application. Use “seamless technology” so that users have the same capabilities on different types of devices.
  • Focus on senior executives. These people need tools that will provide convenient access to work information and help you effectively cope with tasks. If the mobile application will bring real benefits, they simply cannot do without it.
  • Forget about additional payments. Do not ask existing users of your desktop system to pay for the mobile version – give it to them. Rely on the fact that in the near future, the mobile version will become the basic version of the client software.
  • Appreciate personal recommendations. On the issue of promotion and marketing of branded mobile offers, personal recommendations work best. All other applications users will find in the online app stores themselves. When choosing applications for download, users pay primary attention to factors such as proximity and brand awareness, recommendations from outside and references to applications in ratings and reviews.

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