mobile phone security

How much do you know about the mobile phone security?

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We all have an antivirus installed on our computer because we are aware of the dangers of navigating the net. But what about our mobile phone security? Do not we use it almost for the same? It is surprising the number of users who have never stopped to think about it but the truth is that the dangers exist. Do you know which ones they are? Do you know how to remove viruses on Android? And what should you do so that nothing happens to you?

Today we are going to talk about all that mobile phone security!

mobile phone security

Main mobile threats

If we talk about the mobile telephony, there are only two threats have been found: worms and Trojans. The worms want to be transmitted, usually by SMS, until they infect all the mobile phones that can and end up collapsing the terminal. Trojans are more dangerous because when we execute them (thinking that we are running an app) they can destroy many files.

However, since mobile phones are connected to the internet, there are always some mobile phone security issues such as infected with other viruses. Generally, Android malware cannot enter alone, but we have to give permission. However, it is very common for this to happen because it is “camouflaged”.

How to know if I have a virus on my mobile?

It is a frequent question since some are very obvious but others not so much. However, there are signs that can indicate, for example, battery consumption or excessive mobile data (sudden and without apparent reason), slow operation of the terminal, appear pop-ups (those annoying ads) during navigation, advertising in the notifications bar, redirects while browsing or suddenly you see new applications that you had not installed.

All this tells you that something is not right on your phone and then, you will have to take measures of mobile phone security to solve it, which will depend on each type of virus and we will see right now.

What do I do if I have a virus?

The fastest solution is to try to uninstall this app that looks like a virus. Many times the problem simply disappears as well, since it cannot continue acting.

Other times the thing will require you to install an antivirus, which will be able to scan your files and eliminate those that are malware, often quickly and efficiently.

However, there are times when the damage will be too deep. For those mobile phone security issues, you will have no choice but to save all the files you can and format. You can take it to a professional or do it yourself, but the mobile will be as fresh from the factory.

How can I protect myself?

Viruses are a big drawback, but luckily there are things we can do to keep them from affecting us. The first advice is to download antivirus from the app store, there are free and they work very well, just as for the computer.

The second advice is to be careful with the things that we install since most viruses enter because we have no idea what we are putting on our phone. Also, be careful with mobile phone security when we navigate and download (recommended in settings, allow only install Google Play apps).

In summary, if you act with common sense and reading well what each app or navigation implies, you should not have any problem!

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