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John Wick reconciled many of us to action movies . Its timid premiere in 2014 gave way to an unstoppable word of mouth that was already something more than a run when John Wick: Chapter 2 was about to conquer the cinemas of half the world. At the moment the franchise points to pentalogy, so we can say that it has not done badly at all.

The main culprit for this is Chad Stahelski, creative of whom, every movie fan, usually knows his career. A guy who went from stuntman to coordinator of martial arts choreography to end up as director. His close relationship with Keanu Reeves, with whom he worked on The Matrix trilogy and in The Replacements. He earned the trust of the charismatic actor to enlist in this crazy project.

The result was more than good, and Stahelski’s pulse to shoot action was more than clear with the first installment, a talent that was already noticed as director of the second filming unit in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We all know what happens with successful formulas, that the replica does not take long to be noticed, and with good reason since we usually rush to their consumption.

With what action cinema has experienced, after the irruption of the hitman franchise. A new effervescence that fans of the genre still celebrate. Therefore, moving between the current, the future, and the past. We are going to recommend 7 films to go to quench your thirst for revenge while the fourth installment of John Wick hits our screens.

7 movies to calm John Wick’s monkey

1. Kate

We begin with what is yet to come, and in this sense, we must highlight Kate, a Netflix film that is scheduled to premiere on the streaming platform throughout 2021. The film is directed by Oscar Cedric Nicolas-Troyan ( Snow White and the Legend of the Hunter), is set in Tokyo, and will put us on the trail of Kate, a murderer who usually practices in the Japanese capital and who has just been poisoned.

Much like Crank, the protagonist must fight an inevitable countdown, since she has only 24 hours to kill her target before the poison takes effect and prevents her from carrying out her revenge. Mary Elizabeth Winstead leads the cast of a film that clearly pursues the spirit of John Wick.

2. No regrets

Stefano Sollima (Sicario: The Day of the Soldier) brings the Tom Clancy universe back to the fore, and he does it together with the burgeoning and rumored future Superman, Michael B. Jordan. The film puts us on the trail of a SEAL commando who uncovers an international conspiracy while trying to avenge the murder of his wife.

A film that aims to delve into the origin of John Clark, a charismatic character from the Jack Ryan universe, and which has received a mixed reception from critics. It does not seek to reinvent anything and perhaps, therefore, maintains the expected tone while updating the formula of the spy thrillers of the nineties. In that sense, it is about a calmer film than those starring Keanu Reeves, but it has a good dose of action.

3. Wrath of Man

Another film that, like Sin Remorse, has reached us this year, which is why we include it in this list, since as with the previous one. It is somewhat quieter than the John Wick saga. Although that is applicable to almost any current movie.

Guy Ritchie is back behind the scenes alongside Jason Statham, who plays a mysterious character known as H and recently hired as a security guard for an armored transport company. Great action sequences, in which to see the good old Statham at full capacity, combined with a structure with flashes of a complex narrative, of the badly called Nolanian cut, that makes up an action thriller that has satisfied much of the critics.

4. Nobodymovies like john wick

We continue in the current scenario with which many have already cataloged as the best heiress that the “John Wick style” has left us. Ilya Naishuller, who has to his credit a few music videos, signs a film that begins to rescue the spirit of John Wick from the production itself. Since this time we are also facing a relatively modest job.

Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) plays Hutch Mansell, an ordinary man who runs into a schism in his family life after being attacked by burglars in his own home. His renunciation of violence (at that moment) ends up distancing him from his family, which will lead to exploring its darker side, leading to one of those action movies that become a great little celebration of violence. Seemingly simple, fun, and wild.

5. The Raid

And now we go back in time until we are three years before the premiere of John Wick, in the middle of 2011, a year in which Indonesian cinema gave us The Raid, a marvel of action cinema that has many of the tropes that shortly after we will see reproduced on the Chad Stahelski tapes. The Welshman Gareth Evans acts. In this case, as director, writer, producer, editor, and choreographer of the action sequences.

This results in a raw, fast-paced, and even ecstatic action movie, which has a strong authorial charge and is very clear about what it wants to be. A building that serves as a refuge for the most dangerous criminals in Indonesia. A group of Indonesian special forces trying to penetrate the last lair of this makeshift fortress. And a not very encouraging result for law enforcement.

From there until its final fireworks, what we have is an almost erotic festival of physical violence, whose physicality is felt in every blow, in every broken bone. And in every wound inflicted. A must-see movie if you’ve been wanting more (quality) action after watching the Parabellum credits.

6. Atomic (Atomic Blonde)movies like john wick

David Leitch (Deadpool 1 & 2) goes behind the scenes to direct a spectacular Charlize Theron in the role of a spy who, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, must do everything possible to recover a list containing the names of all the undercover spies working in the eastern part of the German city. With that premise and a classic plot of espionage and corruption. This film manages to deliver a minimalist action that points, to certain occasions. To the visceral, silencing its soundtrack and letting us enjoy the sonic nuances of violence. , of his bullets flying through the air and of the blows hitting the characters. Charisma, style, a good edit, and a lot, a lot of action.

7. Revenge

Pierre Morel (From Paris with Love) along with Luc Besson (who was in charge of part of the script), brought us in 2008 the good old Liam Neeson in a role that, in the end, has become an icon for the actor. For those who have not gone through this film. It should be noted that Vengeance, like some of the works, already mentioned, shares similarities with John Wick from its production process. But of course, they were other times, more specifically, the year in which that Iron Man came to our screens, there is nothing.

The story places us alongside Bryan Mills, a retired special agent whose daughter is kidnapped in Paris by a trafficking organization. Faced with the certainty that in a few hours he will lose track of his daughter and, then, it will be impossible to find her. The protagonist gets down to work and starts a trail of blood that results in a film without great pretensions but with a tempo and exemplary know-how. 93 minutes of well-executed pure entertainment, which they gave to continue until they formed their own trilogy.

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