How to delete your instagram history

How to delete your instagram history? Discover how to do it

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Nowadays, the Internet has become a globalized phenomenon and we no longer only use it at home, with our desktop or laptop, but we go to the Internet anywhere thanks to our portable devices, such as mobile or the tablet. In addition, within this use we also have to include that of social networks, which we use daily, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you want your searches to stop appearing on your Instagram profile but you do not know how to do it, we explain how to delete your instagram history.

How to delete your instagram history?

In fact, this last platform has become one of the most used in recent years. A large part of the searches that we used to do in web pages, today we do them in this social network: recipes of all kinds, solutions for problems at home, tips for exercising … All these searches, like those we do in Any search engine that belongs to the web, are recorded in the Internet history. Keep reading: How to use Hashtag Symbol for Instagram

How to delete your instagram history

It may seem silly when you start using Instagram. Why is it necessary to delete the search history in this social network? Maybe you do not know that the moment your searches are saved, the rest of the suggested content that will appear as soon as you enter the area to explore, will be related to what you have searched for previously .

Sometimes, among the publications of the profiles that you follow, do you get any advertising profile? Well, it is also intimately linked to the content you have written in the search area. If recently you have been looking for information about, for example, how to make some kind of recipe, or some explanation of a ‘do it yourself’ or DIY (‘Do It Yourself’) for a celebration at home and now they do not stop publications, videos and related content and you are not interested anymore, delete the search history is the best option for these profiles to stop filling your Instagram.

It is also possible that you have other reasons to want those searches you have done and all the content related to them that will appear on your profile, disappear. In some occasions, our partner or someone close to us can have access to our mobile or any device we have and maybe you want that information you have been looking for is not known by anyone else. If you want to avoid this, the simplest thing is that you directly resort to clearing the Instagram search history and saving yourself any worries.

Delete the Instagram activity log

Delete the Instagram activity log

Erasing Instagram’s history is very simple, but if you do not know where to look it can be quite complicated. It is not in sight, so it may be a bit difficult to find it the first time. For that reason, if you do not know how to see Instagram’s search history in order to erase it, here we explain step by step how to do it:

  • First, open your Instagram application
  • The first thing that appears is the line of publications of all your contacts. Go for the last icon that appears in the bottom right corner of your screen, which corresponds to your profile.
  • When you are already in your profile, you have to go to the configuration part . How do you get there? It is very simple, on the top of your screen, on the right, there are two icons, one that looks like a clock and another, right next to it, which is made from three horizontal stripes. Click on it and a menu will open in the middle of the screen. Just below the whole you will see a wheel and the word configuration.
  • When you have opened the configuration screen, scroll down the same and within the ‘ account ‘ section, you will find, between ‘original publications’ and ‘mobile data usage’, ‘ search history ‘. Click on it, and it will automatically take you to another screen that only gives you one option: ‘delete search history’.
  • With just selecting it , you will erase all searches of accounts, hashtags and locations that you have made, so there will no longer appear related content or among the publications of your contacts or in the ‘explore’ section.

Delete Instagram suggestions

If you do not want to erase your entire search history because there is some related content that you want to keep so that it continues to appear regularly in your suggestions, but there are others that you do not want to come out spontaneously, you have a way of silencing this content.

Open your Instagram application again. This time, instead of going to your profile, go directly to the ‘ explore ‘ section. To do this, click on the second icon that appears at the bottom of your screen, starting from the left, which corresponds to a magnifying glass.

When you open the screen, you will see that at the top of it appear different channels such as ‘beauty’, ‘sports’ or ‘food’, which you usually go to or are related to your contacts.

If you want these suggestions to disappear, you just have to hold down the channel you want to mute and a small white screen will appear that tells you to ‘ mute ‘. Select it and you will mute the channel appropriately.

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