Three Types of Crime that Started with the Internet

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The internet has been a great help to us – helping us to communicate via video call and text, as well as being able to shop online, and play games too. Unfortunately, not everyone uses the internet for good, and there are many criminals out there who exploit the internet. Here are three common types of online crime to be aware of…

Cyber Bullying – One of the most widely publicised crimes online is cyber bullying. The internet can be a nasty place, and something that can cause a lot of problems is online bullying. Children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable to this, and there is a lot of advice out there to help you to keep children protected when using the internet.

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Money Laundering – The internet also gives opportunities to criminals who are looking to cover up how they have made money. Money that has been made illegally is something that criminals are keen to cover up and wash so that it appears clean – a process known as money laundering. There are lots of processes in place to prevent this like this AML ID check

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Online Scams – Another criminal activity that arose with the internet is the online scam. These can come in many forms from fake charity requests to dating scams. It is always wise to be careful about sending money online to people that you don’t know, no matter how legitimate they might appear.

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