What windows require extra-large blinds?

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You probably think of modern floor-to ceiling windows. However, blinds may be needed for other large windows, such as the ones in your conservatory or bi-fold/French doors.

Bay windows

This traditional window is often found in Victorian and Edwardian properties. Modern properties may have box bays instead. It can be difficult to find a blind that will fit into these bay windows due to their shape. It is possible to add curtains around bay windows. If you want to use the space below your bay window (by adding a desk or reading nook, for instance), then blinds will be a better option as they won’t protrude so far into your room.

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Many homeowners install blinds on each window of the bay. Venetian and roller blinds are popular choices. Vertical blinds are another option. They can sometimes be installed on tracks that follow the shape of bay windows. Bay windows are usually located on the lower floor, facing the street. Privacy is important when selecting extra-large blinds. For Cheltenham Blinds, visit https://laskeys.com/blinds/blinds-cheltenham/

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Modern buildings and apartments with high-rises often have these very large windows. These windows are huge, so you will need blinds which look stylish and don’t overwhelm the space. Consider how much light control is important to you. Do you want to be able to block out the majority of the light?

Vertical blinds are a great option for floor-to ceiling windows as they allow you to control the amount of sunlight that enters. Consider the weight of your extra-large blinds before making a final decision. The blinds may be hard to move if the material is heavy. The weight of large blinds can also cause the headrail to bow over time.

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Large blinds with insulating properties are recommended. Conservatories can be very cold in winter and hot in summer. Consider your colour scheme carefully because there is a lot of glass in a conservatory. Blinds with bright patterns could overwhelm the room. If you don’t want this look, then neutral colours will be the best option.

Bi-fold doors

During the summer, these large doors are ideal for allowing unrestricted access to the outside. It’s vital to select blinds that won’t prevent you from opening or closing your doors.

It is recommended that you install blinds on each panel of your bifold doors. For this, roller blinds or pleated shades are ideal.

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