What are air source heat pumps?

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Air source heat pumps are an effective way to transfer heat from the air outside into a means to warm radiators and underfloor heating systems and to heat water for taps, baths, and showers. They are also commonly known as air to water source heat pumps.

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A simple process

Air source heat pumps work by absorbing warmth from the air outside, which is put into a fluid. This fluid is channelled through a heat exchanger component before reaching the heat pump element, where it is further heated to reach the desired temperature.

The system will typically require an outside unit in a spot where it will receive a steady flow of air. Monobloc systems will carry out all the heating work within this outside unit, whilst split systems will also feature an indoor unit.

Are they right for you?

These heat pumps are a very popular choice, but properties will need enough space to accommodate them. If you plan to use an air source heat pump for your taps, baths and showers, you will also need a suitable cylinder in which to store the hot water. To find out whether your home or workplace is suitable for these devices, ask a specialist in air source heat pumps Gloucester, such as https://gsmlimited.com/services/air-source-heat-pumps/gloucester.

Great for saving energy

One key advantage of choosing air source heat pumps is that they are very economical to run, which can make them a great option for those on a budget. The BBC has more great ways to save money on energy bills.

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There are other benefits to air source heat pumps. They are quiet when running and are a good way to cut your home’s carbon emissions, thereby helping to protect our planet’s valuable resources.

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