remote control applications

Six best remote control applications for Android

Although it is an implementation that we do not see as much as before, there are many manufacturers that continue to introduce the infrared sensor in their phones. The Xiaomi Mi A2 is an example. The idea of this small component is to be able to control all the appliances of our house from a single device and, although most brands introduce their own applications, it is worth knowing some alternatives.

win 10 launcher

Win 10 Launcher for android phone and tablet

One of the things that we can still consider the Android operating system is quite green looking at its most direct competition. It is the handicap of not having its user interface and adjusted for use in Tablets. It is why in a good part the great success of the appearance of the Win 10 Launcher that may need Remix OS which offers a user experience to the purest desktop operating system adapted to Android tablets.

How to get rid of smartphone addiction

How to get rid of smartphone addiction with some creative apps

According to a study by IDC Research, 4 out of 5 mobile users consult their devices within 15 minutes of waking up. A surprising fact also supported by another report, the Trends In Consumer Mobility Report of Bank Of America, which reveals that 71% of mobile users sleep with the device less than a meter away. Here in this article, we will find out how to get rid of smartphone addiction.

According to Research, 91% of users have their smartphone always or most of the time at their fingertips. In fact, they consult about 150 times a day on average, interact with him during meals (37%) and even accompanies one out of every three users during their visits to the bathroom.

home design apps for android

6 useful and creative home design apps for android

Getting the spaces of the home to be the way you have dreamed them can become a challenge when you change your house or apartment or when you want to make modifications. However, achieving it can be easier than it seems, and even fun, if you do it yourself with the help of technology. In the applications market, it is estimated that there are more than one million of these in different categories, there are several that will serve to decorate your home without losing details.

7 Tips on How to Create a Successful Mobile Applications

7 Tips on How to Create a Successful Mobile Applications

The number of mobile devices in the world far exceeds the number of desktop computers in homes and offices. Every day, users of Smartphone’s, tablets and other modern mobile devices are becoming more and more, so the need and significance of high-quality and successful mobile applications are obvious. Nielsen Telecom has calculated that the use of mobile applications averages 56% of all actions performed on Smartphone’s (against 15% for calls, 19% for e-mail and messaging, and 9% for browsing the web and 1% for working with the camera).

Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

5 Best Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

One of the things that most people worry about is their lifestyle. Our society forces us to live to the limit, neglecting our body and filling us with high levels of stress, something that has a very negative impact on all aspects of our lives. If you think it is time to stop for a moment to see how you can improve your lifestyle, through the three main elements (body, mind and spirit), do not miss this list with the best applications to improve your lifestyle, with such interesting apps as Google Fit, Fabulous, Meditation Course, Sleep Bot, and Wunderlist.

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How to have a good idea to create a successful mobile application?

The first step to create a successful mobile app.

I do not miss any Appcircus since whenever I go; I smell the inspiration in every corner. Several entrepreneurs present their applications and there are always some in which I cannot stop thinking: it never would have happened to me! And this happens. We are all different and we see the world according to our experiences.

What I am convinced of is that these great ideas that I see in each edition are not spontaneous but are very and very worked. This is why I want to present you with 5 rules that work for me when I want to have a good idea.

successful mobile application

Rule # 1: Ideas do not come out of nowhere
If we want to have a good idea to create a mobile application we cannot stay at home waiting for it to arrive because it will not come. Ideas only if they are sought, are found. But never forget:

“Everything is still to be done and everything is possible”

Therefore, do not be discouraged before you start. An idea is not something easy and possibly when we believe that we have already found THE IDEA, we realize that we cannot carry it out. The important thing is to have an open mind and an enterprising mind and not let us win the first time we stumble.

Rule # 2: Attitude matters

“If you are looking for different results, do not always do the same” Albert Einstein

If what you want is to come up with a good idea to develop your app, start by changing your attitude: be more curious, proactive and observer.

How can you do it? Well, with very simple things: change your route to work. Observe what you find on the road (people, houses, shops,). Enter places that call you curiosity.
In this way, you are already “getting” your mind to be more and more creative.
Will it work? You will only know it if you try it. What can you lose?

Rule # 3: What could you improve from your day today?
The best ideas are those that give us a solution. If we continue with the observing attitude that I have proposed in the previous section and extend it throughout our lives, we are sure to find some things that can be improved.

Rule # 4: What would you do if money did not matter?
If we want to invest part of our free time developing an application that gives us a medium-term income, we better do it with an app that we like, right? If not, in the end, we will leave the project abandoned before giving it the opportunity to be profitable.

Rule # 5: Brainstorming
I love brainstorming and I think they are very useful. There are people who get scared because they say real nonsense but forget that the best ideas come from well-defined bullshit.

successful mobile application

If you can, it is recommended that you brainstorm with another person, at least, and that you record so as not to waste time pointing out these ideas that are emerging. Then, you only have to play the video and, while you laugh at yourselves, write down what you said. At this point, you already have not one … but several ideas.

And now that? Well, choose the one you like and polish it. To work on the idea, I always recommend that you share it without fear of being copied. Having the idea is the first step often, therefore, there is a lot of work ahead and, as you have chosen something that you are passionate about, it will be difficult for you to carry out less effort than someone else. Speaking of your idea, I’m sure you’ll see if the future app tastes, you’ll have a clearer focus and, all of that, it will help you in the next steps.

It is also important to see how you would see this mobile application in 1, 3 and 5 years and if you like it, go for it!

Now I can tell you which were the app that I liked most about the Mobile Premier Awards. I loved Atooma, not only because of the application itself but because of the passion with which one of its founders explained it. Atooma allows you to develop mini-apps without programming for your mobile phone or tablet. Do you realize the formula for success?


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