Mobile heating problem solution

Mobile heating problem solution: How to do it?

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The main reason a smartphone heat is the excess of processes in it, that means you are running some program or applications that consume a lot of the CPU and RAM. It is easy to avoid. We recommend some mobile heating problem solution to prevent your smartphone from getting very hot.

But we must recommend an excellent article on the best ps4 games. To avoid the warming of the cell phone, follow the following tips:

Mobile heating problem solution

We must be very careful with the phones we buy, we must be careful, especially when phones are as expensive as today. Even more so when it is a gift from a family member. Take care to last as long as possible.

Mobile heating problem solution

1- The place where the mobile is

Avoid at all costs put the phone in a place with little ventilation, especially if you left loading or unloading something, it is good that most of the time the cell is kept in a cool place, and if not, is better to avoid leaving uploading YouTube videos or any other process that uses the CPU a lot. Do not keep it in closed places. This is simply having common sense in what we do with appliances of such high-value today, so be very careful just that.

This is fundamental is not the same to leave it on the table which is under your pillow the paramount thing is always to be under an environment with a pleasant temperature. Now, what will happen if you have it in your pocket? There you cannot protect it. What you can do is to avoid having it with a liner, holster or bomber, and that’s it.

2- Deactivate Functions

It is good to deactivate the functions you do not use at a certain moment, and many times, we leave the Bluetooth on without reason, GPS or WIFI, that is why it tries as much as possible to deactivate these functions while you do not use them, that will avoid overload of processes, and therefore the phone does not heat.

You should always check this section as it is common and I tell you from experience that users leave the WIFI on, or Bluetooth and do not know what consumes the battery. If you want to stop draining your battery, always make sure and always say that everything is off.

For example, when I went to bed, I checked everything. The WIFI which is what I use the most because Bluetooth in my case is uncommon or the NFC, and so I avoid surprises when I get up. Also, when I go to the university hours before verified everything not it to download the valley without more or less. You can even if you are very forgetful to put a note with a reminder (you can use, Evernote, or Google Keep) on the phone and that will help you avoid surprises.

3- Applications in the background

This is something very, very important, since many applications are running in the background, and many times we do not even know that they are running, it is always advisable to avoid running background applications since they are often unnecessary processes. that we do not use it, they can be games or social applications, but we always ensure that we do not leave them running in the background.

You must also know something. For example, when downloading an APK from a game or application many times they come with silent applications behind which from time to time are viruses or spyware, so if you avoid downloading applications from Google Play you can avoid surprises or in my case when I download a game in APK I must verify the permissions that it asks me to install it and also the monitoring from time to time I also scan my phone with Clean Master to see if I install any additional application.

It is useful to always see the installed applications so you delete those that already do not use, once a week is fine. Dedicate one day a week to your phone to save space and battery will avoid problems later.

4- Avoid heavy games

Well, and this can be confusing. It refers to not running games that your smartphone cannot support, you should not for example, run Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted for Android, on a Samsung Galaxy Ace, why? It is because you overload your CPU and consume all the RAM. It is why it is good that you use the games that your smartphone supports.

The best games for Android are the heaviest although there are exceptions such as the case of 2048 the game or Cut The Rope, GRU My Favorite Villano, Geometry Dash heavy games consume a lot and when I say a lot, I mean that if you are running, you see that your phone increases its temperature something like 200% or twice the usual, if I know it with Asphalt Airborne 8.

5- If you can not use cases

I particularly see the covers or cases, well, because they allow us to further customize our smartphone with Android, but there are some types of covers or covers that are not recommended as they often come with poor quality materials that the only thing they do it is to warm up the cell phone even more. It is good to have covered but at least to use them, which will almost always be, try not to run heavy programs or at least follow the previous tips so you do not have to dispense with your cover or mobile case.

Apps to control phone heating issues

Apps to control phone heating issues

Follow these tips to prevent the phone from getting too hot, but also leave you with some applications to monitor the temperature on Android and iOS, they are free and work excellently.

Something to note that l to the smartphone recommended temperature is 0 ° and 35 °, thus a temperature above range can be harmful to our smartphone. If you want to monitor the temperature of the mobile, these are the best applications for it.

Cooling Master is a good way to keep us updated quickly and easily, the temperature of our Android device, in the CPU, it also offers the possibility to see the level of a battery we have. It is simple, but I’m sure it will help you.

TempMonitor is an application that for 1 dollar, shows us the temperature of our mobile with Android in a very showy way and with statistics and history You can also convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, also see the battery level, in order it is very Complete the truth.

Cpu Gauge is an application that like TempMonitor, offers us the possibility to see the CPU temperature. The battery level we have with the difference that this is free also allows receiving notifications we can configure so that when it arrives at X quantity, let us know, without doubt, one of the best ways to keep our mobile in good condition, thanks to avoiding overheating. It is very complete and the best thing is that it is free.

iStat 2 allows us to know the temperature of our CPU in an iPhone. Besides many other features that make it a complete monitor of the activity of our iPhone. It allows knowing remotely, also the statistics of our system in a PC or Mac, plus iPhone and iPad.

It also shows the amount of data that we have consumed from our data plan, as well as under WIFI, and the speed of it. This tool is quite useful, also has a spectacular design and well achieved. It is undoubtedly the best tool to monitor the system on the iPhone and iPad.

PC Monitor allows us to know everything about the operation of our device with iOS (iPhone and iPad) can not interest, has a monitor for the battery for RAM and for the CPU. Besides other functions that will make of this one of the best tools to monitor the mobile, the best of all is that it is free.

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