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Five essential extensions for Chrome

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Chrome is the most used browser in the world and although it is very solid and comes with good basic functions. It can be much better if you install some extensions for Chrome. Extensions are small programs or extra features that we add to Chrome to get more performance and improve the experience. In addition, due to its technical nature, Chrome extensions can also be installed without problems in browsers such as Opera, Brave or Chromium among others.

Last Pass

extensions for Chrome

Managing our passwords is becoming easier with Chrome since it is synchronized through your Google account, but sometimes we want to be able to move our passwords between different browsers. There are multiple options of good quality and payment, but one recommended and free extensions for Chrome is Last Pass.

Last Pass allows you to keep your keys secure in multiple browsers, mobile phones and tablets and also helps you generate secure and unique keys in each site you register. Forget about noting them in post-its or using unsafe keys.


If you use many tabs, you do not want Chrome to be constantly consuming RAM. An extension like Toby allows you to save them in favorites or lists to be able to open them at another time, share them with friends or simply have them better organized at all times.

It allows you to save entire sessions of tabs (for example when you finish a project, or to investigate a thing) so as not to lose all the data when closing the browser. It also incorporates a very useful search engine that will allow you to find that web page that you had on the tip of your tongue. If you prefer, there are also some similar free extensions for Chrome are available like OneTab or Tab Wrangler.

Office in Google Docs

Although Google’s office suite allows you to import Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, you have to import them first. If we want to make its use easier, we can install this own Google extension called Office Editing that allows Google Chrome (with Google Docs support) to open Word or Excel documents directly.

In the same way that we open a PDF file in the browser to view it without having to use Adobe Acrobat Reader, Office Editing allows you to simply mark the browser to open these office files when we double click. Adobe Acrobat Reader is easy and simple extensions for Chrome.

Capture what we see completely

Using the tools of our operating system we can take a screenshot of the web pages we see, but sometimes it is not enough. If you want to get a total capture of the content of a web page, you should install Full Page Screen Capture. With a single click, you will generate a complete PNG image of the web page you want. Useful for storing documents or sharing impressions.

If you want to do it in the video, to show a process, you can use Screen Video Recorder. Not only does this kind of free extensions for Chrome will allow you to capture mouse movement and navigation while recording, but also allows you to add effects, annotations, comments and many more.

For the most Instagramers

If you use Instagram thoroughly, but doing it from the mobile is always an annoyance, and the web version of the platform does not offer what you want, there are several solutions in the form of an extension. You have Notifications for Instagram that allows you to receive and see the notifications that come to your account in real time.

To upload images directly from the web, you can use Desktop for Instagram, which allows you to upload content and even download other people’s publications at the highest quality. You also have Downloader for Instagram that allows you to discard all the videos to images of a profile with a simple click.

Those were the five useful extensions for Chrome that I thought will help a lot of us who want some extra facilities while browsing Google Chrome.

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