Learn how to place contacts on the Android home screen

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We know how important it is to have your contacts always updated. Due to this, the best option is to place them on the Android home screen. In this way, they can access the information of the people you have added without problems. You just have to have space on your device.

Modify the Android home screen

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When entering your device it is necessary to keep the start screen tightened. Subsequently, three options that you have available will appear in the lower part. In the option that says widgets, you will have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your needs.

You have the possibility of placing “Contacts”, “Direct Dialing” and “Direct Message”. Choose the first option to access the contacts directly.

Add your contacts quickly

Once you have chosen the widget of your preference, you have the option to place it where you want . Also, you have the possibility to use it without inconvenience. In this way, you can enter all your contacts quickly.

Send messages and call the friends you need in the shortest possible time. In addition, you have the ability to edit your contacts at any time from the Android home screen. Thus, you can have updated all the information you need.

Fixes in minutes

Thanks to all these facilities users have the possibilities without problems. Also, they have the options they require to improve the platform they are on. In this way, you will be able to access your contacts quickly.

Enjoy the amenities that are available. In this way, they can modify the Android home screen. Find an option that suits your needs and the available space.

How a Smart TV works: know the most practical functions

the Android home screen

The fact is that any modern Smart TV offers a wide selection of highly practical features, but there are many users who simply look for the icon of their favorite streaming platform . And it is a mistake, because they can give much more of themselves.

Use your mobile phone as a remote control

It has all happened to us all. And it does not matter how small the room is: the remote control will end up missing sooner or later. It may be under a pillow, in a different room or in the dog’s bed. In the end the problem is the same: you can not turn on the TV, change channels or control the volume. But there is a solution: you can use the mobile.

Many manufacturers offer specific applications to control their televisions from the phone. Samsung uses Smart View, while the LG app is called LG TV Remote. All of them provide access to the basic features of the TV, as well as advanced options such as sending content stored on the mobile, which is one of the strengths of the Samsung app.

If the TV in question is based on Android home screen, you can also control it using the Android TV Remote Control application from Google. It is very basic, but it can easily take us out of a hurry. And if our TV uses an alternative platform or we want to use an application to access the options of all types of devices, there are alternatives from third parties such as SURE Universal Remote, which is really powerful and even allows regulating the air conditioning.

Finally, many Smart TVs or connected televisions allow you to navigate through your menus with the command of a console. To do this you just have to connect it from the menu of Bluetooth devices. It is not very practical to change the channel, but it can be a recommended option to navigate faster through the TV menus. Test it.

Watching YouTube on TV is easier than it seems

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It does not matter if you have Android TV: the vast majority of Smart TVs have direct access to YouTube. The official application is available for practically all the television platforms that we can find in the market, But it is quite true that it is not very comfortable to search with a virtual keyboard or using the remote control. But there is an alternative.

The YouTube application for mobile phones incorporates a feature that allows you to continue on-the-fly playback directly on a nearby Smart TV. For this we only have to link the TV and the mobile through a Wi-Fi network. Just look for the video you want to see on your mobile phone, tap the button to transmit to a nearby device and let the TV do the rest. We guarantee that you will never use the remote again to search on YouTube.

Enjoy the latest video games without a console

If there is an audience that really knows the benefits and potential of modern Smart TVs that is the players’. In addition to serving to check the weather, the stock market or watch YouTube videos, a Smart TV can also replace the classic video game console, either downloading games from its own app store or taking advantage of dedicated streaming platforms.

Since much of its catalog is shared with the basic Google Play, TVs with Android TV have a large repertoire of video games of all kinds ready to download. You just have to connect a Bluetooth gamepad and start enjoying. In the case there are fewer options.

This technology allows us to connect our PC to the latest generation Samsung televisions without the need for cables, using only a Wi-Fi network. In this way we can play on our PC but on TV in the living room, matching keyboard, mouse and controls with total normality and using a very intuitive interface to avoid having to go looking for icons of tiny size. The visual quality is also very good, with support for Full HD and 4K resolution.

Install applications that are not officially available

discover Android home screen

Android TV is one of the most popular Smart TV platforms of the moment. And for very good reasons. It is intuitive, easy to implement and has a huge number of applications at your disposal, many of them shared with their homonyms for tablets and mobile phones. Basically, many of the applications that you already have on your Android phone are also available for Android home screen.

Compatibility with Android TV depends to a large extent on whether the developer wants to create a version specifically adapted for televisions. When it does not exist, we can use the side loading technique, which allows us to install the mobile or tablet version on our television. There is the possibility that its operation is not totally fluid or present failures in the interface, but it is a good way to be able to enjoy our favorite apps also on the TV.

To install a mobile application on the TV we must allow the installation of programs from unknown sources, a parameter that can be found within the security options in the configuration menu. After that we can install a side loading application like Side load Launcher , which allows to run these applications that are not officially available for Android TV but in other versions of Android.

The simplest way to install an application via side loading is to download the Android installer from a trusted page like and put it on a pen drive. Then connect this pen drive to the TV and inspect its contents with a file explorer. Then you must find the and run it to proceed with the installation. Once installed on the TV you can launch it.

Learn to record your favorite programs on a flash drive

The VHS is dead and buried, but there are still many people who miss the possibility of recording their favorite shows. Because all its programs for free through its official application and others such as  Player and Motile offer direct access to the contents of the main private channels in Spain, but some sports broadcasts are not offered over the Internet and there are many stations premises without official application. One possible solution is to burn these programs to a USB memory.

For many years now, all Android home screen have a USB port that serves much more than playing movies stored on external devices such as pen drives and hard drives. We can also use them to record broadcasts, although this feature varies in features and TV settings on TV.

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