How to change font style in android phone

How to change font style in android phone without rooting

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The advantages of Android concerning other platforms in terms of customization and ability to modify the system interface are no secret at this point. How to change font style in android phone? With the right applications, it is possible to customize practically any font of our Android device, from the wallpaper to the launcher, through the blocking screen or the font of the letters.

Precisely today we focus on the latter case, because although the network is endless information on how to change the launcher. The best wallpapers or the best personalization apps also. Sometimes the possibility of changing the source on Android is in the background, despite being an option that can give a unique style to our devices. In this article, we show you the best applications with which to change the fonts of the letters in Android.

How to change font style in android phone

How to change font style in android phone

Before proceeding to download any of the following applications that we propose to change the source in Android, we must bear in mind that some brands of smartphones allow to do it natively, and therefore it will not be necessary to resort to an external app. This is the case of Samsung, Huawei or LG, among others, which include an option in the system settings -normally under the screen settings- that allows you to modify the source for one of the included ones, and even download new styles.

But if your phone is not of any of these brands, or it is but you do not have the option to change the source included in the system settings. These are the best applications you can use for it.

IFont (Expert of fonts)


Probably the most famous application to change the font in Android is iFont. With more than 10 million installations through Google Play, is a reference in the category of personalization applications for Android, and is that it is one of the best performs its mission.

Nothing else to install the app, a huge list of sources of all kinds will appear on the screen. Each type of letter includes the size of the download package next to it and also indicates the language for which it is intended. Also, on the main screen we will find several tabs: Recommended, Search and My Sources.

In case you want to use one of the sources proposed by iFont, you have to click on one of them, and through the “Download” button in the lower part, start the download of the package that includes the source. Finally, click on “Apply.” Depending on the device that is being used, it is possible that the source is applied directly, or that it is installed as an application, which will later have to be selected through the source settings in the system configuration – in the case of Samsung mobiles, for examples.

If this is the first time you use iFont, several scenarios can occur. At first, your mobile is compatible, and there are no problems when applying the new typeface. And at second, your mobile is not compatible with iFont. In the latter case, it is advisable to access the settings of the application, and modify the operating mode to select the most suitable for your device. If this does not work either, I’m afraid the only solution left is to root the device and repeat the process.



Another famous alternative to iFont is HiFont, a free application that, like the previous one, allows you to modify the font of Android phones, offering an immense catalog of sources that you can download, mostly free of charge.

Unlike in the case of IFont, HiFont sources must be downloaded and installed through Google Play as stand-alone applications. By doing so, the app itself will perform a check to see if the device is compatible with the change of the typeface, and if so, a large “Apply” button will appear with which to choose the source that was just downloaded.

This app, although it is just as functional as IFont, should be an alternative to be used only if the previous option does not work, given that this app has certain important disadvantages. For example, it is not possible to import your styles, and also the app is riddled with advertisements that sometimes become too intrusive.

Change the font in Android with a third-party launcher

A good part of third-party launchers that exist in Google Play offers the possibility to change the font. This solution, however, implies some limitations since only the font will be changed in the icons of the home screen and in the application drawer. Be that as it may, if that is all you are looking for, this may be your best option.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Despite being the most famous and used launcher on Android, Nova is also the one that offers the least liberty when it comes to customizing the source. It is only possible to choose among several predefined fonts, all of them based on the Android native Roboto family.

To change the font with Nova Launcher, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold on a gap in the home screen and enter the launcher settings.
  • Depending on the part of the interface where you want to change the font of the icons, enter the Desktop, Applications or Folders menu.
  • Select the Customize icons option.
  • Display the Font menu and choose the font you want to use.

Action Launcher for Android

Action Launcher

The alternative to Nova Launcher created by developer Chris Lacy, Action Launcher, also offers the option to change the source of the interface. The way to modify the type of letter. Also, it is simpler than in Nova Launcher, and it will be enough to select a style to be applied to all the icons of the home screen. These are the steps to follow:

  • Press and hold on a gap in the home screen and enter the launcher settings.
  • Enter the Appearance settings. Next, select the Source option.
  • Choose between one of the fonts included in the application.

Changing fonts for Android is not an everyday task that most people perform on their phones or tablets. But among those who do need to change fonts on their devices. It is comforting to know that 1) it is possible to do so, and 2) that there are several ways to do so.

What font is dotted in the user interface of your Android device today? Have you ever changed your Android sources to something else?

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