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Telegram web for Android launches photos that self-destruct, biographies and more

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Telegram webcontinues to improve in its efforts to become the best messaging application out there, following the recent inclusion of video clips and supergroups of 10,000 members. This time the changes are focused on two fronts: the photos and the user profile .

The Telegram web photo editor has been slightly refreshed. Partly to make room for the new button that allows you to send photos that are automatically deleted after a certain time. As for the user profile, now you can include. If you want, a small biography that accompanies your profile, as happens for example on Twitter.

Photos that are destroyed

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The next time you send a photo via Telegram web you will have the same complete photo editor as. Before which has advanced features such as a channel editor, radial and linear blur, support for scribbles and stickers. The difference is that now you can add expiration to your photos.

All you have to do is touch the timer icon and choose the time interval from a second to a minute. This option is only available in private chats (person to person). And not in group. It is not necessary to be a secret chat: in this type of chat messages that self-destruct were already available for years.

Photos sent with self-destruction are blurred in the preview and with a special icon superimposed. The countdown does not start until you open it to full screen.

Biography in your profile

On the other hand, now you can add more information to your user profile including a small biography. To edit your biography you must go to the menu – Settings and there you will find the new section, below your username. The biography has a maximum size of 70 characters.

The biography of any user, if you have filled it out, is available in your user profile, both on the mobile phone and in the PC version, as long as you have the client updated to the latest version. Photos that expire can only be viewed from the mobile, and not from the PC.

This update includes other minor changes such as improvements to the photo editor, faster downloading of images from public channels. Or the possibility of expanding the selection box of stickers and animated  by clicking on a new arrow.

WhatsApp vs Telegram web: what is the best messaging application?

Telegram web for Android

Update May 2018: We have updated the post according to the current status of WhatsApp. And Telegram web and everything that has changed since the original publication.

Messenger applications there are many. But unleash passions and move legions of fans and antifans, not many. The impact of any application varies by region, but globally the biggest ideological battle is clear: WhatsApp versus Telegram web. You can see traces of it in almost any publication about one or the other .

Although a few years ago we would have dispatched such a confrontation with a “WhatsApp has more users. And Telegram web has more things”, nowadays the line that separates both applications has faded even more. Last year Facebook stepped on the accelerator in the roadmap of news. And Telegram web is not willing to stay behind. Who’s winning?


Officially, WhatsApp has already surpassed the 1,500 million active users , surpassing its stepbrother, Facebook Messenger. And the millions of WhatsApp have more merit. Because Messenger shares the accounts with the popular social network of Zuckerberg.

Telegram web, meanwhile, must settle for 180 million users.  A figure eight times lower. The relevance of these data is relative. For example, QQ Messenger harvests 783 million users and WeChat 963. But most of them are in China. Of little use to who has his circle of contacts in Albacete. But you already know that “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it”.

Create your own infographics

Telegram web for Android launches photos

A messaging application without active users does not serve much more than to talk to yourself. Although in the end what matters to the user on foot is if they use it in their circle. We will focus on this comparison more in the technical aspect of the applications, but to ignore the greater market share of WhatsApp would be to deny the obvious. Minipunto for WhatsApp .

Text Chat

In the early days of Internet communication, there was text. 45 years later , text messages are still a fundamental part of how we communicate with the mobile, despite the continuous advances of other means such as (video) calls or images with Snapchat filters.

For years, one of the main advantages of WhatsApp with respect to the competition of the moment was that “what it does, it does it very well” and that it maintained the text … text, without falling into the temptation to introduce stickers, animated  elements that visually contaminate the conversation.

Then came Telegram , which is not going to fool anyone, visually was a brazen copy of WhatsApp. It worked almost the same and had an interface that was copied almost pixel by pixel from that of WhatsApp. The advantage of WhatsApp to be a simple communication application and to the point it faded: the new one also does it, and for free.

WhatsApp and Telegram web dressed in WhatsApp, similar but different

discover Telegram web

Today both applications have evolved and are no longer so similar : Telegram started with much more graphic content such as stickers, animated GIFs, video clips and all kinds of content from bots and WhatsApp has been cautiously implementing similar options throughout the weather. The animated GIFs finally arrived, although we are still waiting for the stickers .

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