Why park home garden allotments are enticing green-fingered buyers

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Whether you are looking to showcase a stunning flower garden or fancy growing your own organic vegetables, garden allotments accompanying park homes are in demand from green-fingered buyers.

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Not only do potential buyers find the social side of park living attractive but also they find that gardening on their allotments is bringing the whole community together, living the good life in more ways than one. Residents swap flowers, plants, and fruit and veg. With supermarket prices on the rise, this is a great way to save money.

Healthy options

The fresh air and vital exercise that gardening provides make allotments a perfect option for improved health, not only from being in the outdoors but also from all the healthy eating. You would have no problem meeting the required five a day if your ‘grocer’ was right outside the back door!

Allotment shortage

There are 83,000 people in England on waiting lists for allotments, with 500 of these in the Gloucester area; however, allotments and garden plots are available now with Gloucester park homes for sale.

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Why else do people choose park home?

There are friendly, like-minded neighbours and it is nice to be able to relax in the peace and quiet with nice views – being close to nature is a huge plus for buyers. Gloucester park homes for sale offer a desirable location, affordability, and the added benefit of security for peace of mind.

Getting started

There is so much help at hand when starting your own plot. For those who have no idea where to start, the National Allotment Society is a great resource. It offers help and advice to complete beginners and the more seasoned growers on what you can do with your allotment and the types of fruit and vegetables you can grow.

The waiting game

If you don’t want to wait from several months to years for a plot, the Gloucester park homes for sale may be just what you are looking for. Some park homes offer large garden plots, while others have a variety of allotments.

If you would miss the growing aspect of having a garden but not the maintenance side, such as mowing the lawn or cutting hedges, a garden plot or allotment with your park home could be the perfect solution.


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