How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

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Wireless headphones are headphones that synchronize with a computer via a Bluetooth connection. They allow the computer user to get rid of the wires that hold him in the system unit and limit mobility. How to set up and connect Bluetooth headphones to a desktop computer using a wireless connection? Very simple!

Connect the Bluetooth headset to the PC

Before connecting the headphones to the computer, you need to make sure that they are equipped with a special adapter that transmits a signal. As different Bluetooth devices may differ in the way the signal is transmitted, it is very important that the adapter does not need to be purchased separately and is included in the basic package.

Connecting the adapter

Connect the adapter to the USB connector on the desktop PC. No additional software is required to recognize this device. If this data transfer format has not previously been used, the PC itself will install the necessary driver from its database.

If there are problems with the recognition of the adapter – a warning will appear in the lower right part of the computer. In this case, the driver search and installation will have to be done manually using the Internet.

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Battery installation

Since Bluetooth devices can be connected to a computer without using wires that act as signal transmitters, they need a portable battery that will support their work. Install it in your earphone and turn it on using a special switch if it is provided in your model.

A signal to the fact that the connection of the wireless headphones was successful, the indicator light on the headset will flash.

Connection setup

The final step is to set up the connection. Open the computer’s Bluetooth menu and add the connected device to the system. If the PC asks for a PIN code, enter the combination “0000” or “1111” in the special window. After the PC has confirmed the synchronization with the device, the device is ready for use.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones with a phoneHow to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

After learning how to connect wireless headphones to a computer, you need to familiarize yourself with the process of connecting a headset to a mobile phone.

  • Activate the Bluetooth connection on both devices using the corresponding menu on the phone and special keys on the headphone case.
  • Search for available devices in your mobile phone’s Bluetooth menu.
  • Identify and connect the headphones to the phone.

Not all models of wireless headphones come with a microphone. Gamers should pay attention to the deep bt 250 models, which are distinguished by a reliable microphone and high sound quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones

The benefits of this type of technology include:

  • long distance of use;
  • flexible settings;
  • high sound quality.

Today the market offers a wide range of this type of equipment. Sound quality, lack of cables, and a large signal transmission range are undeniable advantages. But beyond that, such devices have several disadvantages:

  • great weight;
  • the need to recharge the battery;
  • more complex technical device;
  • high price

The price range of such equipment can vary greatly. The fact remains unchanged that in comparison with the wired analog, this type of headset will cost much more. More complex device technology virtually eliminates the possibility of self-repair if you do not have special knowledge.

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