augmented reality technology

Apps for iOS with augmented reality technology

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Today in this post, we are going to talk about the launch of the first apps for iOS with augmented reality technology. Augmented reality is an advanced technological system where you can virtually feel the real scenario. It is very useful for those who cannot attend physically to see things. This awesome allows us to add layers of visual information about the real world in which we live.

There is a new operating system for mobile devices, a novelty: ARkit, the technology for augmented reality. This new technology allows us to integrate virtual elements in real environments. It has several uses as a tool, for training and entertainment. The developers have started to apply this technology in apps for iOS where they can be downloaded through the App Store. This type of applications do not work on any iPhone device since there are models such as the iPhone 5S or 6 that its load capacity is slow compared with other models, therefore each application is compatible with a model.

augmented reality technology

Apps for iOS with augmented reality technology

There is a wide variety of applications with augmented reality.

Next, we will make a brief description of those first apps for iOS of augmented reality so that you are updated and you can live a new experience thanks to the virtual reality.

One of the most impressive apps for iOS of augmented reality technology is Fitness AR. This new app for iOS allows us to project a 3D map on different surfaces to see our training and the possibility of discovering new routes.

There is another very interesting application, called Essential Anatomy 5, related to the formation and learning of human anatomy. Many medical experts, doctors and students of anatomy use it. This app for iOS allows you to see the inside of the human body and thus understand it better. You can better understand how the human body works and how it looks inside. This mobile application will also add information at the level of a textbook.

We can also use apps for iOS with augmented reality technology to measure objects and calculate spaces. Thanks to AR MeasureKit, a tool that allows us to measure real objects, measure the dimensions of a room and even know the height of a person. Each of these functions in action surprises by its speed and the ease with which they are executed.

IKEA has also used augmented reality, has created IKEA Place that allows to furnish virtually a room, projecting furniture and other products that form the structure of your home.

Finally, for that most curious public, we have the Monster Park application that allows us to add dinosaurs in the environment where we are located. A game of augmented reality that allows us to see and master dinosaurs that seem alive with the camera of our device and besides seeing the dinosaurs in real size, we can direct and control their movements.

In this way, apps for iOS with augmented reality technology give us the possibility to advance and to reach a high level of technological, useful and practical for our everyday use.

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