Canon 6D vs Nikon D750

Canon 6D vs Nikon D750: the match between semi-professional reflexes

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A clash dedicated to all photography enthusiasts who want to evaluate the purchase of an excellent mid-range camera: this is the result of the comparison between Canon 6D vs Nikon D750. Discover the technical features, how they differ and which is the best for your projects!

You’ve been thinking about it for a while: After having accumulated hundreds of hours shooting with your low-end reflex, your passion and need to refine the photographic technique are taking you a little further.

You are not yet ready to switch to highly professional equipment, but you know that your first reflex starts to be a little tight due to the technique and capacity of the objectives: it is time to move on to a reflex of higher rank. Keep reading: 7 Tips to get you beating in Photoshop

Canon 6D vs Nikon D750 specs

In the Canon 6D vs Nikon D750 crash, it is necessary to take into consideration the differences in the technical features of the equipment supplied with both cameras. So here is a practical comparison that highlights the different components that leverage the strengths of each of the two products.

  Canon EOS 6D Nikon D750
Display Live View 3.2″ non-steerable Removable Live View 3.2”
Sensor resolution 20.2 mpx 24.3 mpx
Focus 11 points focus 51 focus points
Connectivity WiFi, GPS Wifi
Dynamic Range (ISO) 100-25600 100-12800
Fps 4.5 fps 6.5 fps
SD card slot 1 2
MIC in Yup Yup
Video resolution 1080p 30 fps 720p 50 fps
Autonomy 1090 shots 1230 shots
Weight 770 grams 755 grams
Integrated flash No Yup
Tropicalized body No No
Today’s market offers solutions for all budgets, with the major brands able to satisfy the needs and desires of all types of photography enthusiasts, but your heart takes you to the center of the historic clash between canonists and nikonists: who will get the best of Canon 6D vs Nikon D750?
Canon 6D vs Nikon D750

Canon EOS 6D: Technical features

Announced in November 2012, the Canon EOS 6D continues to amaze the lovers of advanced photography who have one: the Canon 6D is a rather compact and manageable mid-range reflex, with a small magnesium alloy camera body, for a total weight of 770 grams.

Canon EOS 6D is held in the hand that is a pleasure, it has excellent ergonomics in the handle combined with a good grip offered by the texture of the surface, while all the controls can be reached easily and intuitively, and it is also equipped with effective systems lockout that prevents an inadvertent change of settings.

In particular, the selection ring can be rotated with a pressure of the central part which unlocks the mechanism, while in the rear part it is possible to set with a single switch a block of the camera which freezes its settings avoiding tampering with the settings of the camera.

The back of the camera is characterized by the presence of a non-adjustable 3-inch live view display, by the optical viewfinder, and by several buttons that allow access to different functions, such as the function menu, usable through the joystick ring. placed in the lower part of the back of the camera, but also the key to switch from photo mode to video mode and vice versa, as well as the one dedicated to zoom, and the AF-On for automatic focusing.

The strengths of this Canon 6D are certainly the excellent 20.2-megapixel sensor, with dimensions 36 x 24 mm, the Full-frame format, the upper display that gives indications on the settings entered, but also the presence of connectivity WiFi – also useful for remote control – in addition to GPS for geolocation of photos.

Nikon D750: Technical features

Presented in September 2014, the Nikon D750 is the dream of many photographers who want to take a leap in quality in the choice of reflex: body in resistant carbon fiber, small, practical and light in its 755 grams, it does not have an orientable but removable display.

Through a convenient tilting system, in fact, it is possible to orient the live view screen both upwards and downwards with respect to the camera body, to ensure an excellent view of the scene in any shooting condition.

All the main controls of the camera are easy to find as they are neatly placed in the back of the camera body: on the left side you can reach the buttons that allow access to the menu, the activation of protection from accidental deletion of photos, zoom in preview of the photos, adjusting the ISO sensitivity, and changing settings during shooting.

On the opposite side, instead, it is possible to lock the focus, or operate with the multi-selector joystick or still act on the controls of the live view.

The Nikon D750’s trump cards are an excellent 24.3-megapixel sensor with 35.9 x 24 mm dimensions, with as many as 51 focus areas, the full format, and the powerful Ex speed 4 processor.


Canon 6D vs Nikon D750 photo

Who wins in the Canon 6D vs Nikon D750 battle?

Also this time, there is no absolute winner in the Canon 6D vs Nikon D750 battle, since these are two excellent choices for light writing enthusiasts, but each with different peculiarities.

In the video recording, Canon 6D seems to get a higher score for image sharpness, fluidity, and very low noise even in low light conditions, while Nikon D750 takes a step above the competitor for versatility when it comes to taking pictures.

Once again it is necessary to first understand the needs of those who find themselves behind the lens, the type of photography to which the equipment will be dedicated, and the budget available.

And for you, what is the favorite camera in the Canon 6D vs Nikon D750 comparison?

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