These office décor trends will be big in 2019

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Take a look at the biggest office decor trends of 2019 and start planning how you can transform your office in the new year.

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Indoor greenery

Rather than a solitary pot plant on someone’s desk, the offices of 2019 are likely to become indoor gardens with lots of mood-boosting greenery. Plants have been proven to enhance the well-being of employees, and they have the added bonus of releasing oxygen into the workplace. According to the RHS, indoor plants trap pollutants from the air and improve air quality. From standalone plants in containers to indoor gardens and “living” walls, there are a whole host of options when it comes to bringing the outside in. Hanging plants are particularly suited to offices as they create a stunning visual effect without taking up floor or table space.

Even the smallest workplace could benefit from a plant or two to lift the environment, and the great news is you don’t need to spend much at all.

Co-working spaces

While these spaces have been growing in popularity over the past few years, the concept of co-working will continue to evolve in 2019. Open-plan working areas allow employees from different departments and even different industries to come together and create together, leading to greater innovation and improved job experience. Such spaces are designed to maximise employee motivation, productivity and well-being and help eliminate traditional workplace hierarchies that can stifle creativity and new ideas. Reputable office fit out companies such as Mobius at Work can take your business’s unique needs and create an office design that works for your employees.

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Experience-driven spaces

The well-being and satisfaction of employees are paramount to businesses these days, and experience-driven spaces are becoming more and more common. While everyone has heard about the Google offices with their putting greens and slides, it’s not just huge corporations that are getting in on the act. There are plenty of ways even the smallest workplaces can create a more enjoyable work environment, leading to improved productivity and employee satisfaction. Game rooms are increasingly popular in workplaces, whether the games on offer are gaming consoles, pool and darts or traditional board games. Massage rooms, meditation spaces, yoga rooms and on-site bars or drink stations are other ways to encourage employees to unwind and engage with each other.

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