How to customise your van for your business

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Vans are something of a blank canvas upon which an owner can apply their unique adaptations as required.

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If you are a first-time van owner, which seems likely with sales rising rapidly, you might not know how best to customise your vehicle. Here are a few useful tips to point you in the right direction.

Liner options

Despite being relatively rugged straight out of the factory, a modern van will still need to be augmented with an effective liner system if you want to protect it from damage during use.

The traditional choice is to invest in plylining, creating a sturdy barrier using plywood so that cargo and equipment will not damage the metal body if it shifts during transit.

Speedliner, which is available from specialists such as, is a modern alternative that consists of a solution that is applied as a spray and creates a waterproof layer that will deal with wear and tear in and liquid spills.

Bulkhead conversions

If your commercial vehicle comes with a full-height bulkhead, this might limit the load length of the van by separating the cab from the cargo area.

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Transporting longer objects in this scenario will be difficult; therefore, you might want to convert the bulkhead with a hatch that can be opened to enable piping, poles and other items to poke through into the cab at floor level. Some manufacturers provide pre-converted bulkheads at the point of sale, so this may be a worthwhile option to add.

Racking solutions

A van used for business may well need to store and transport a predetermined assortment of tools, components, parts and equipment on a daily basis. Rather than having this rattling around in the rear and sliding across the floor with every turn, it is sensible to invest in a racking system to keep everything secure.

Van racking is effectively wooden or steel shelving that holds everything in place, keeping loose objects together during transit and making everything easier to find when you reach your destination. This has obvious safety benefits, making it even easier to recommend as a customisation option.

Modern racking can even be modular, meaning it is possible to reconfigure it as your needs change over time or remove it altogether if you want to sell the van.

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