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Chrome mobile extensions: which are the best

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Some tips for installing and managing extensions for Chrome: on which aspects it is good to pay the utmost attention. Some of the best extensions published on the Chrome Web Store.

The thousands of extensions available on the Chrome Web Store continue to remain a precious resource for users of the Google browser and, for a few weeks. Also for those who have chosen to use the new Edge based on Chromium: Edge Chromium: how to configure the new browser (you can activate the installation by typing edge: // extensions in the address bar then acting on the “switch” at the bottom left Allow extensions from other archives ).

Always install trusted Chrome extensions and pay close attention to the required permissions

Let’s start by saying that they are not big fans of extensions for web browsers in general: Chrome extensions as well as those for other products are made by independent developers and can “change skin” without notice. The case we talked about at the time is emblematic: The Copyfish extension has been attacked: beware of malware.

The advice is to reduce the installed Chrome extensions. Or at least disable those that are not used regularly: keeping dozens of extensions installed and active at the same time is never a good thing.

When you decide to add a new extension in Chrome. It is good to stop and check the permissions required by this by revoking the broader rights such as Read and modify all data on the websites you visit.

By typing chrome: // extensions then clicking on the Details button for each extension present on the system, it is always advisable to revoke the widest privileges: otherwise, an extension will have the possibility to appropriate the data collected on the web pages visited by the user, none excluded.

By right-clicking on the extension icon shown on the right of the address bar and then on the requested permission. You can select When you click on the extension so that you can activate it only in response to a specific request and not automatically.

Chrome extensions: which are the best

Given that with Google Chrome we make extensive use of PWAs, we present below what we believe are some of the best free extensions for Chrome.

1) DeepL

It does not require any permission and allows you to instantly translate texts from one language to another by clicking on the icon shown to the right of the Chrome address bar.

We presented it in detail in our article Translator for Chrome: translating texts without leaving the site you are visiting.

2) The Great Suspender

For those who usually keep many tabs constantly open in the Google browser, The Great Suspender helps reduce Chrome’s impact in terms of RAM and processor memory occupation. The extension “does not reinvent the wheel” but optimizes the management of the browser using a feature integrated into Chrome. See the article Chrome: How to reduce RAM memory footprint.

3) Session Buddy

An extension that deals with the management of open tabs by quickly reopening previously saved sessions or restoring tabs after a crash.

In addition to enabling viewing of chronologically ordered sessions, users can also rename previous sessions and organize tabs into convenient groups. Export functions allow you to insert various URLs into emails, documents, or text files.

4) Keepa

One of the best extensions available on the market to check the price trend of any product in the Amazon catalog and understand when is the best time to buy. The monitoring mechanism allows you to set a threshold value: if the product should suffer a price cut, you will immediately receive an alert.

We talked about them in detail in the article Amazon discounts, how and where to find them.

5) Print Friendly & PDF

The Chrome extension of the Print Friendly service presented in the article Print web pages without advertising, images, and backgrounds.

Get a print-ready version of any web page that is free of all unnecessary elements.

As explained in the article, however, in Chrome it is sufficient to type chrome: // flags / # enable-reader-mode to obtain, in the main menu that appears by pressing the three dots (top right), the new item Activate contents of the distilling. page

6) FlowCryptChrome mobile extensions

Excellent Chrome extension that allows you to use end-to-end encryption with Gmail. Emails exchanged using the Google service are encrypted using OpenPGP with private keys that are always stored on the devices of each interlocutor. We talked about it in the article Gmail more secure with message encryption.

7) Chrome Better History

By clicking on the Back arrow at the top left while you are browsing a web page and choosing Show complete history, you can access the list of websites visited every day with Chrome.

The Better History extension enhances this functionality by replacing the timeline offered by Chrome with a calendar that is easy to consult and manage. Advanced search tools allow you to search the history for terms in the title of a page, in the domain, or as the content of the page itself.

8) Unshorten. link

Chrome extension created by the developers of the homonymous service: it allows you to understand “on the fly” what a shortened URL hides and what the real destination address is.

9) Any. doChrome mobile extensions

We have said that Microsoft will retire Wunderlist in May 2020 inviting users to migrate to its To Do : Microsoft: goodbye to Wunderlist from May 2020. The alternatives. is one of the best alternative apps to keep track of commitments, appointments, and to-dos: it is cross-platform with the Chrome extension that allows you to seamlessly synchronize tasks and lists to and from mobile devices and desktop/notebook systems.

10) Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is a Chrome extension that helps to save the information identified while surfing the net and organize it so that it can be reused later. The idea is very similar to the Edge Chromium Collections that will debut soon.

11) Panic Button

An extension that allows you to close all tabs on the fly simultaneously with Chrome. By acting on the same button there is the possibility to restore them when deemed appropriate.

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