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Win 10 Launcher for android phone and tablet

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One of the things that we can still consider the Android operating system is quite green looking at its most direct competition. It is the handicap of not having its user interface and adjusted for use in Tablets. It is why in a good part the great success of the appearance of the Win 10 Launcher that may need Remix OS which offers a user experience to the purest desktop operating system adapted to Android tablets.

If you have an Android tablet to which you can not install the modified Recovery or have access to the boot system to install RemixOS, a discontinued project that we can still download and install it on laptops and a few privileged tablets. Without the need to flash anything at all we will change the look of our tablet with the Android operating system to look like the desktop system of Windows 10.

win 10 launcher

Win 10 Launcher for Android

To achieve our goal of converting our Android tablet, at least in appearance, as shown by a tablet or PC with Windows 10 desktop system. We are only going to need the download and installation of an Android Launcher that we can get completely free of charge in the Google Play Store, which is the google play store.

The Launcher responds to the name of Desktop Launcher Users for Windows 10 and is an exact copy of the original Windows 10 desktop as we would see it on a Microsoft Tablet or a laptop or desktop PC.

How does it work?

My Android Lollipop Tablet is working fine after downloading and installing this Win 10 launcher. A launcher that nails it in the user interface, the possibility of adding new desktops and even in the design of the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, battery and other switches.

win 10 launcher apk

For me, it is one of the best of the style, although it would lack the inclusion of any own application. Such as a lightweight web browser or a file browser that would allow it to run on the selected desktop without having to enter the full screen and with the possibility of using multimedia.

If you add that functionality in addition to the inclusion of a persistent taskbar that is displayed above the applications. We are using to minimize or expand them quickly without having to go through the Home if or if, then surely we would be before one of the best Android Launcher specially designed for tablets and smartphones.

Why you need it?

launcher of win 10 apk

Having an Android is almost always synonymous with having a smartphone customized and adapted to the needs and preferences of each user. For Windows fans today we show you how you can have the Windows-like interface inside your Android smartphone.

Hopefully, the developers of the application take account of these lines in which I leave these suggestions. So that, new versions of the app try to implement these changes that are possible and that would earn a lot of points and download.

Download Free Win 10 Launcher
Developer: Spark Planet
Price: Free and paid

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