PS4 vs Xbox One

PS4 vs Xbox One: What is the best console? (Comparison chart)

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5 years ago the market launch of the two home consoles from Sony and Microsoft but today, which one is the best choice between the two, and who wins from the PS4 vs Xbox One clash? Features and technical data compared.

There are moments of the day where it is really necessary to recharge your batteries, relax while having fun and keeping your brain trained with pleasant entertainment.

If you are tired of smartphones, computers, social networks and messaging, besides a good TV subscription on demand, perhaps the time has come to evaluate a good gaming console. Keep reading:10 Tips To Start Collecting Video Games

Two of the biggest leaders in the industry who still fight each other with new titles, support for the highest video resolutions or stunning technical specifications: Sony and Microsoft continue to hold sway in the field of home consoles, but who would you choose between PS4 vs Xbox One?

PS4 vs Xbox One

PS4 vs Xbox One

Let’s take a look under the body of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where we find:

  PlayStation 4 Xbox One
CPU AMD 8 core 1.6 Ghz AMD 8 core 1.75 Ghz
GPU AMD Radeon 1.8 TFLOP AMD Durango 853 Mhz
Ram 8 GB 8 GB
ROM 500 GB 500 GB
USB Yup Yup
Ethernet Yup Yup
Wifi Yup Yup
Bluetooth 4.0 4.0
HDMI Yup Yup

Each of the two consoles just mentioned has winning features and peculiarities compared to the other party, but it is only you, with your tastes and your needs, who make the difference in the final purchase decision: we immediately discover the differences between the two big names of the home entertainment, in a match at the last teraflops.

PS4: Sony’s blockbuster

Volume reduced by 30% compared to previous models and weight decreased by 25% compared to the model …
More energy efficient, as electricity consumption has been cut by.

sony ps4

The champion of Sony opens the duel, presented in 2013 but still a spearhead of the sector to be reckoned with.
PlayStation 4 has been affected over the years by a decided thinning of the console case that reflects a relative decrease in the size of the internal components. You may like also: Military anime

PS4 slim is an elegant home console, with sharp but elegant lines thanks to the slight offset of the upper part compared to the lower part which gives it a decisive touch of class.

PlayStation 4 is the console of choice for passionate videogamers who cannot do without clear, fluid and high-level game graphics, capable of giving a truly immersive and compelling gaming experience from every point of view.

This jewel by Sony is also perfect for those who love to share their feats with friends online, relying on a practical ” Share ” button on the controller that allows them to share video clips of the current game with Facebook or Twitter, or upload them to the YouTube platform.

But if sharing is what interests you most in the game, PlayStation will also satisfy you in letting a friend participate in your game session: it allows you to transfer the command to a friend for a maximum time of 60 minutes, being able to play in pairs or take advantage of help from a more experienced partner.

And if you need an even more realistic experience that allows you to fully enter the game, know that there is also the advanced version of PS4 – PlayStation 4 Pro – which features 4K format support, or the PlayStation VR , or the viewer of virtual reality of PlayStation, which allows you to play proving the thrill of finding yourself really at the center of the game scene.

Xbox One

From the opposite side, here is Microsoft’s response materializing: Xbox One is a complete and versatile home console, which will know how to make the heart of the most demanding video gamers who don’t want to limit themselves only to gaming sessions.

Xbox One

Since the release in 2013 to date, Xbox One has been affected by several technical changes, which resulted in the creation of Xbox One S, a technically more advanced version with 40% smaller content, and Xbox One X, the version most powerful in circulation.

Xbox One is based – needless to say – on Microsoft’s proprietary Windows 10 operating system, and it is precisely for this reason that the titles of the Xbox One rose can also be played in streaming on PCs and tablets running Windows 10.

Cross and delight of Microsoft, since this interesting feature allows you to play Xbox One titles even without buying one: with a powerful computer for gamers that has a high hardware configuration, you could even do without the console.

The advanced models of Xbox One now also feature 4K support, although not always native: this means that in some cases the console will still be able to reproduce lower resolution content in 4K, but by implementing the so-called upscaling, it is worth to say the graphics process that increases the resolution through a dedicated software.

In addition, Xbox One is confirmed as the preferred console for living room entertainment, since it can be used not only as a worthy game console but also to watch movies, listen to music, read 4K Blu-Ray videos, also thanks to the presence of the precious KODI media player.

Dualshock 4 vs Xbox One Pad

A further difference between PS4 vs Xbox One comes from their different controllers: Sony’s Dualshock is confirmed to be the lightest and most manageable of the two, but the Xbox One pad is unbeatable in terms of aesthetics.

If the Sony controller, in fact, is often preferred to its direct rival due to its distinctly comfortable and ergonomic shape, the Microsoft pad can be customized as desired through the Xbox Design Lab.

A significant difference, finally, lies in the different charging modes: while Dualshock 4 is equipped with internal rechargeable batteries through the controller’s microUSB port, the Xbox One pad is powered by two AA batteries that must be replaced if necessary, but allow greater autonomy.

PS4 vs Xbox One

PS4 vs Xbox One: Who has the best gaming library?

Finally, in the comparison between PS4 vs Xbox One, it is impossible not to take into account the games made available by one or the other company.

It must be said that Sony boasts about 250 exclusive titles dedicated to its powerful console, while Xbox One has almost half of them, but it is equally true that Xbox One can count on the backward compatibility of games, which allows fans of the old Xbox 360 to use the same games also on the new console.

Even PlayStation 4 offers the backwards compatibility of games, but it is a paid monthly plus.

Among the most famous sagas exclusively for PS4 we remember:

  • Uncharted
  • The last of us
  • God of war
  • Horizon
  • The last guardian

For Xbox One, instead:

  • Call of Duty
  • HALO
  • Gears of war

This is not an objective choice since a lot depends on what you are looking for from a console: if you want a device that is more dedicated to gaming and from which to get the best, being able to count on easy sharing, PlayStation 4 is certainly the best in every sense.

If you are aiming for an all-around home entertainment terminal, Xbox One could prove to be the perfect choice for playing games, watching movies, episodes, or making Skype calls.

And which one do you choose between PS4 and Xbox One?

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