How To Set Up And Use Google Pay?

How To Set Up And Use Google Pay?

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In this review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the features of how to use Google Pay, previously known as Android pay, share the nuances of system setup, and also present a list of smartwatches that support this function.

So, the owners of smartwatches on the operating system Wear OS, read on!

Contactless payments are becoming more common and it has long been impossible to surprise anyone by paying with a smartphone, and even more so with a bank card. However, payment using smartwatches still cause some surprise. The year 2019, together with the further active development of the wearable electronics market, will bring more distribution of various payment systems oriented to wearable gadgets. And numerous models running the Wear operating system are among the leaders.

Google pay, previously called Android Pay, albeit changed its name, but the principle of operation and features of the settings have not changed much. With the release of the new generations of smartwatches of the Fossil group, the number of gadgets that support this, of course, very convenient function has increased significantly.

Google Pay Setup

How To Set Up And Use Google Pay?

The first thing to do is to launch Google Pay on your smartphone. Then, install the app and on the clock. This can be done with the help of the clock itself because all users of the new version of the OS have an app store. If up to this point you have not used the contactless payment system from the search giant, you will need to create an account.

Then you need to add a card. We recommend doing this first on your smartphone since you can scan the card. Yes, and enter data on the big screen just easier.

Next, add the card to the application on a smartwatch:

  • Open the Google Pay application;
  • Click “Start”;
  • Configure screen lock, if you have not already done so;
  • On the phone, follow the instructions to add a credit or debit card (this will add the card only in the application on the clock, not on the phone);
  • A card appears on your watch.

After the card is added, you may need to activate it in the bank. It depends on which bank you are a customer. If confirmation is necessary, as a rule, it can be received via SMS or e-mail. Sometimes you need to enter the bank application on your smartphone or even call the bank. In any case, it does not take much time.

By the way, the very need to adjust the screen lock does not mean that the code will have to be entered every time. Unlocking will be required when you take off or put on the watch again since the last transaction. You do not need to unlock the screen while the smartwatch is on your wrist.

To remove a card, just click on it and hold it for a while. After that, “move” the map to the bottom of the screen, to the basket icon.

Use Google Pay

How To Set Up And Use Google Pay?

When the system settings are complete and the process of adding maps is over, the rest is simple. On a large number of smartwatches with contactless payment support, you can program one of the physical buttons to launch this application. This will significantly reduce system startup time and simplify the process.

You can also add Google Pay as a widget on the dial.

After activation, an image of your card will appear on the device screen and a call to bring the clock to the contactless payment terminal. You need to bring the clock to the terminal and wait for the process to finish. Upon successful completion of the transaction, a tick will appear on the display, and a vibration signal will come to the clock.

The strength of the possibility of contactless payment using the watch is the lack of need to keep the smartphone nearby. And the Internet connection to your watch is also not necessary. In fact, smartwatches simply store the card, and the payment terminal itself connects to the bank and exchanges data.

So, how to make a payment using Google Pay on a smartwatch:

  • Run the Google Pay application;
  • We bring the clock to the terminal of contactless payment until we feel the vibration of the clock about the completion of the operation;
  • Sometimes, for debit card transactions, you may need to enter a PIN code.

How To Set Up And Use Google Pay?

Google pay smart watch list:

We put together a smart watch equipped with an NFC chip and support for Google’s contactless payment system into one list:

  • Fossil Q Venture HR ;
  • Fossil Q Explorist HR ;
  • Fossil Sport ;
  • Emporio Armani Connected 2018 ;
  • Armani Exchange Connected;
  • Huawei Watch 2;
  • LG Watch Sport;
  • Tag Heuer Modular Connected 45;
  • Tag Heuer Modular Connected 41 ;
  • Movado Connect ;
  • Skagen Falster 2 ;
  • TicWatch Pro ;
  • Misfit Vapor 2 ;
  • Michael Kors Access Sofie 2;
  • Michael Kors Access Runway ;
  • Kate Spade New York Scallop.


The principle of making contactless payments is the same for any system, regardless of manufacturer, be it Google, Apple, Samsung, Fitbit or Garmin. However, when we talk about the coverage and the number of banks supported, the differences become significant.

For example, Fitbit is supported by many large banks in the United States but does not work at all in our country. Perhaps the most stable service in terms of the width of coverage and the number of partner banks are Apple and Google systems. And Samsung has fallen behind quite a bit. Recently, Garmin has seriously pulled himself to them. In any case, in the USA, Europe, and the Russian Federation, the company has covered the main banks, so there should be no problems either.

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