The Pros and Cons of Buying an Older Property

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Many people favour older properties over more modern ones, and if it is something that you are considering for whatever reason, it is a good idea to be aware of all the pros as well as the cons that come with it.

Here are both some of the pros as well as the cons of buying an older home…

The Features – Many older homes have desirable features that modern properties just don’t have. From beautiful, exposed timber beams, to original fireplaces, there are lots of things that are part of an older home that add to its character, making it an attractive prospect for those looking for a home that has charm and personality.

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The Location – Lots of older properties will be built in a great location – they will often be conveniently located for access to the city centre for example, or they could be more rural and have fantastic views. Location is the most important thing to consider when you are buying a property, so this is an important point to bear in mind.

Affordability – Many older homes are more affordable, and you could get much more house for your money, especially if it is in need of some modernisation. If you are looking to get the most out of your money, then an older property could be the best option for you.


Parking Issues – Because many older properties were built in a time when owning a car wasn’t commonplace or even that cars hadn’t been invented, often parking can be an issue. In some cases it may be possible to create off road parking, for example you may want to turn the front garden into a driveway.

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May be in Need of Updating  – Because the property is on the older side, there may be lots of things that you need to update and modernise, and it is worth checking this before you buy as some things can cost a fortune. From things like the electricals and wiring, to getting a professional like this TV aerial repair Tewkesbury based company, Steve Unett aerials to check the aerial, as well as looking for signs of plumbing and structural issues.

Damp can be a Problem – A common problem with older properties is dampness. This can be caused by things like roof issues, as well as damp that comes in from the ground below which is known as rising damp. It can be expensive to sort out, so it is definitely worth checking for it.

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