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The use of CCTV cameras in and around our homes

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As the old saying goes, “An English Man’s Home is his Castle ” and it is in our nature to protect our homes and our families that live inside it to the best of our abilities.  Many families have turned to modern technology and the use of CCTV cameras, Smart doorbells and alarm systems has become more and more commonplace.  Security lighting and movement sensors are another security procedure used by many households.  It’s not only for security that a CCTV system can be used effectively, in our capital city of London and in other areas of the country CCTV Drain Surveys London are being used to check on any potential damage to underground pipes and drainage systems.  These clever surveys can be carried out by professional companies such as and could potentially save a house owner a lot of money.

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Security Cameras can also be used in a child’s bedroom alongside a sound monitor so you can listen and see your child sleeping and playing in their bedrooms.  These clever devices can prove to be essential if you are unfortunately the victim of a crime because they can record everything that happened, and this evidence can be provided for use by the police.

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Alarm systems and security measures are a great deterrent for most criminals and just the sight of a camera and lighting is enough to prevent them from trying to break into your home.

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