Toki: The remake of classic arcade promises to be one of the best games of Nintendo Switch

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The new version of this mythical title “TOKI” is of the games that will arrive soon that more years have been developing, because in reality the project was announced almost ten years ago and at that time the intention was to be published on Steam. However, the game has gone through its pluses and minuses until now that it will come back to life in very little time for Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo hybrid console will be the only platform that can boast of having this game about which we are going to tell you why it is one of the best you will receive this year and also since it was launched.

Reliving the classic arcade


All those who have grown up in the arcade machines have to have played Toki at some point, an arcade game that was originally published almost 30 years ago, hence it is practically the ideal time to bring it back, although its main characteristic is its renewed visual section, on which we will talk in-depth later. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.

To put us in a situation, Toki is the name of our protagonist, who lived pleasantly in the jungle together with his beloved Miho. However, one day the evil sorcerer Vookimedlo appeared and transformed Toki into a chimpanzee. In this way, the objective will be to rescue your girl and recover her human form at the same time you will have to cross a series of levels plagued by enemies and traps that will try to end our adventure.


Those who already played the original will know that this task is not at all simple. Moreover, probably Toki is one of the most challenging games that have come to be created because in each phase we must eliminate all kinds of enemies and bosses with movements and attacks that will not be easy to dodge, in addition to numerous traps that will emerge from the most unexpected places. To this we must add that our character moves a bit slow and it will cost even more to avoid the threats that we find.

At least he will have the chance to defend himself in some way and, despite being an ape, will have the ability to shoot a kind of energy balls by mouth. Even so, we must insist that the game at certain times is really unfair and you have to be prepared to die again and again until you learn to the dexterity of all levels, but maybe not even with those you manage to pass the game without continuing even one Only once, because continuations are limited and will vary depending on the level of difficulty you choose, something that will also affect the lives of the final bosses.


That does not mean that Toki is tremendously addictive and in the end, you end up biting to try to advance a little more or to get the highest score, another of the great incentives that formerly invited you to toss coins without stopping at the arcade machines to leave your name at the top of the classification.

A master face wash

Maybe playing Toki again in a console after so many years is one of its strongest points, but if we had to stay with the best of all that would be without any doubt its graphical section. Toki is simply one of the best remakes we have seen in recent years and that after observing how it has changed for good makes us want to applaud without stopping the work that Microids has done.


For the occasion absolutely everything that is seen on the screen has been redrawn by hand. The animations of all the characters are outstanding, they have endowed them with really surprising expressions to protagonists, enemies and final bosses alike. It has absolutely nothing to do with the way our adversaries moved or died as they do now. He is worthy to witness.

The same thing happens with the environment. The original game was quite colorful and with very different levels, but in this remake on each screen has been integrated many effects that greatly improve its quality, such as fog effects or the fact that the rays of light bounce off the walls or in the water in those parts that we have to swim through, even seeming at times that it is real despite these animated graphics.


In addition to all this, the stages are full of details , from some minors to others that stand out more and that will not stop to marvel us as we move forward. In fact, do not be surprised that another cause that makes you die is that you are watching the brilliant artistic section. Simply everything we say falls short and is certainly worth checking out yourself.

For the rest, this fantastic remake does not have many new features except the fact that the map that we will now see between phase and phase has also changed for the better. Whether you are looking for a real challenge or if your intention is to relive old times, Toki is a game that you should write down in your calendar to add it to your library on November 22nd.

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