How to sell on WhatsApp

How to Sell on WhatsApp? Tricks to Improve Your Business

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WhatsApp is the most widely used communication network worldwide, so if you have thought of using it as a means to promote your business, you are on the right track. This technological tool offers you a variety of benefits that you can use for the growth of your company. Learn about the alternatives it offers you and how to sell on WhatsApp through them.

90% of the population uses smartphones, which most likely have the WhatsApp application; This makes it very attractive to implement digital marketing strategies to increase your sales through this App; However, this is an option that you must implement appropriately so as not to disturb the contacts that at a certain moment could become your clients.

How to sell on WhatsApp?

How to sell on WhatsApp

Here are some basic tips that can help you drive your sales harmlessly.

  • WhatsApp has the advantage that it allows you to group your contacts according to your convenience, so you can take advantage of this fact to create a diffusion list of the brand you want to promote. Use these broadcast groups to communicate news and offers. This will allow you to do more personalized monitoring of all of them.
    Use your state to promote all your launches, raffles, offers, new promotions, etc.
  • In the WhatsApp photo, you must place the logo of your brand or company and in the profile place the name of the company. This will give a more professional character to your content and allow people to identify you faster.
  • Manage your customer service through this app. You can bring closer to your customers by channeling their complaints, requests or suggestions through this means. This will allow communication with your client to be faster, more effective and more comfortable, especially for him.
  • Create audiovisual content that you can send to your contacts, you can make videos, photos, audios so that you can make your content more attractive to potential customers.
  • WhatsApp has a business tool, this is WhatsApp Business, which will be very useful to improve customer service; but since it is a paid service, you can get the most out of free WhatsApp until you create a consistent community that can give you the opportunity to migrate later to this business version.

Advantages of using WhatsApp for your company

1.- The recipient of the message can check who is sending the message, which generates trust and this facilitates the sales process.

2.- WhatsApp warns if the person read the message or not, which allows us to track the information we send.

3.- It is a highly demanded tool, a normal user enters the application between 50 and 80 times a day, which makes it a tempting resource in which to implement your marketing strategies

Remember that making inappropriate use of the tools offered by technology, imply sanctions; WhatsApp is not the exception, if you spread inappropriate or illegal content it may cause you problems; otherwise, nothing will limit you to using it to carry out your promotions.

In the field of digital marketing you can use the following strategies to return to WhatsApp your business partner. In order to avoid inconvenience to your customers, send a form by email where the person can confirm that they want to receive your content through WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp to broadcast valuable content, as it is a direct open door to a potential client. Segment your database to communicate only with those people who want to receive your content. Send short messages with quantified benefits that encourage the person to ask for more information, to contact you.

Use Neuroventas elements in your communications, one of them very effective is the shortage, for example, promotions such as “Only the first 100 will be able to purchase a certain product or service”. Send your website in the messages so that you can measure the impact of your messages and you can specify your sales.

In favor of the growth of your brand, WhatsApp can be a mechanism that catapults your sales; The secret is not to leave this fact to chance, use the marketing strategies on how to sell on WhatsApp that this content offers you and you will see how you start to have profitable results.

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