what not to do when presenting

What Not to Do When Presenting Your Offers

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Sales are the heart of the business. With them, you can drive the growth of an organization; but sometimes, for different reasons, these do not develop as they should be. In that case, companies implement strategies to increase them, as is the case of supply. But what not to do when presenting your offers?

One of the strategies that provide the best results to promote a product or service is the offers; And it should be noted that among them, there are endless variants such as price discounts or get 2 for 1, among others. It should be said that every organization applies this measure, but it must be evaluated how to do it.

If you offer promotions without the due study of the impact it will have, you could be harmed; To avoid this, you must know what not to do when presenting your offers?

Tips to know what not to do when presenting

what not to do when presenting

First of all, don’t place a generous offer without studying the short and long-term repercussions. Generally, too generous offers bring long-term economic losses. So, avoid them, since little by little they will reduce your earnings to the point that you could fall into bankruptcy.

The first thing you will perceive is that sales will increase, but what you will be promoting is unstable customers who will get used to the offers and discounts; that to be honest, they will hardly buy, if they do not buy with offers. In addition, you will not get any degree of loyalty with your brand.

Be realistic with the offers you present, that is, do not deceive potential customers, as this could harm the image of the brand. In any case, if you decide to present offers, study the pros and cons very well.

What to do when presenting your offers?

The first thing you must do to present an offer is to study which option will be the most viable; remember that you can choose between several options.

  • Offers by the percentage of discounts.
  • Gifts for making purchases
  • Free shipping on purchases.

If you decide to offer discounts for purchase, evaluate thoroughly what your profit is to see what percentage you can afford. On the other hand, when promising free shipping, you must budget what cost you will debit from the total earnings and evaluate if it is profitable for you.

Similarly, gifts can be a viable option, since you can implement gift details; In other words, if you market hygiene and personal care products, a good tip is a mini soap, most likely it is inexpensive and easy to present.

These strategies will give results as long as they are well evaluated and directed to the correct sector or public; For this, I recommend that you study your market and determine your buyer person or niche.

Finally, no matter what promotion you want to implement, the ideal is that you do not do it without evaluating the pros and cons; The reality is that promotions are applied mainly to promote a product or when you want to gain notoriety among the public.

So, now you know what not to do when presenting your offers, preventing falling into these mistakes will avoid future inconveniences. If you manage to present an offer in the right measure, the benefits will be measurable in long-term periods and your profits will multiply.

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