How Security Tags Help to Curb Crime in Retail

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If you are a retailer, you will likely be familiar with security tag benefits. These include the ability to discourage theft and the likelihood that an item tagged will be displayed and accessible to staff. However, how effective tags are at controlling crime remains unclear.

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The first step to answering this question is to analyse the data. A systematic review will be able to answer questions such as: what are the best types of tags to use, what measures are most effective at reducing shop theft, and what are the most effective ways to implement these tags?

Several studies have been published addressing these questions, but the vast majority still need to meet the rigorous standards of a meta-analysis. Here we take a look at a systematic review of the effects of EAS tags on shop theft. We will explain what the studies tell us about the best practices for implementing such a system and discuss the factors that determine whether a tagging system is effective. When you need Security Seal products, contact Acme Seals, a provider of Security Seal solutions.

One of the main benefits of EAS tags is their high level of functionality. They have a wide range of uses, from protecting merchandise in warehouses to tracking newborns. This technology is reliable and has been widely tested.

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Moreover, EAS tags are a relatively cheap and easy way to protect merchandise. Tags can be made from various materials, including hard plastic or soft self-adhesive paper. Some tags are specifically designed for particular products, such as clothing, or special functions, such as tagging CDs and DVDs.

Another benefit is that a tagged product is more accessible for staff to detect. For example, a tagged bottle should be more visible to employees and potential buyers. Also, if the tag is in the right place, it can be easier for an employee to spot a missing label or a smashed neck.

As with other measures, there are several ways to remove a tag from a product. There are different kinds of removal methods, but the critical point is that removing a tag requires some effort. Doing so may deter shoplifting or increase the suspicion of onlookers and staff. Similarly, offenders will have to put more effort into removing tags and evading alarm systems.

Another question is whether or not the benefits of tagging are significant enough to justify its implementation. But one thing is for sure, the amount of crime control benefit a tagging system can provide is highly variable, and it is crucial to understand how it can be best implemented.

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