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Capcom has achieved two achievements of a single and successful twiddle with its Monster Hunter World. On the one hand it has blessed this generation with a new installment of its famous series and on the other it has been able to satisfy both veteran hunters and curious people eager for new adventures.

I must say that this has been my first hunt with the series and therefore more than one could probably question my words. However taking into account that one of the main objectives of this release has been to attract new followers, this review may have more value than it may seem a priori, since it is done from the pure perspective of someone who has never touched before a title of the franchise. For this reason, this analysis is mainly aimed at those who are still undecided, those who have never had contact with this Japanese phenomenon.

It is my first time with a Monster Hunter World but its facets and virtues are not completely unknown to me, in fact many of its mechanics are practically identical to those of other video games. One of the things that are appreciated from the beginning in this installment is a more agile and dynamic overall rhythm, it cleverly approaches the most resolute and energetic personality of the current action adventures.

Monster Hunter World

Video games taught us a long time ago that one of their basic rules to win the game and get the loot is that you have to defeat an enemy more powerful than us, often a terrible monster that is presented as a test when we reach a stage or as a finishing touch to our wanderings by their domains. Behind this exciting resource exploited ad nauseam hides the past feeling of conquest and human overcoming that has as a result a reward, physical and / or spiritual. Then, the disproportionate and addictive desire to annihilate enemies and collect materials to improve our team does the rest in the work of Capcom. This is its main premise, backed by a depth and a number of options capable of overwhelming the newcomer, then, little by little, the process of adaptation to a tremendous underworld of management and development begins.

Of course, the first thing that enters through the eyes is the careful design of the fantastic creatures together with their realistic behavior. Entirely it seems that these monsters were alive and that makes you want to contemplate them more closely, know them, face them and destroy them. It is precisely at this point that the other great piece of gear is activated: the combat system and the instinctive inertia of every player to fight in single combat against a great boss.

Monster Hunter World

At our disposal we find a good repertoire of weapons and each of them requires a technique, thus achieving that the combat and its mechanics are completely different and affect us depending on our choice. Mastering our particular path will be a dedicated task that we will have to know how to combine with the art of attack, defense and avoidance. The strategy and other active elements also play a key role in the Monster Hunter World matches.

The scenarios of the game stand out as much for their careful visual beauty as for their design, and although they are not connected to each other, something that we would really like to many, are large parcels of action that invite exploration, and something important, allow the player create tactics taking advantage of the relief and its nooks when attacking. We find different species with attack patterns, power and well differentiated characteristics. If to this we add a combat system conditioned by the type of weapon we brand, the level of our equipment and of course our own ability, fun is guaranteed.

The evolution of our character and the improvement of his team is a task to which we will have to dedicate time and work, it will not be enough to follow the missions of the story mode, a series of commissions that increase their difficulty progressively. In this aspect it is where the game has become a bit more dense and repetitive for different reasons, a feeling sometimes enhanced by an argument that does not arouse much interest.

Monster Hunter World

Apart from the missions that spin the plot, at our disposal we find a good number of secondary and tasks with the sole objective of making our character progress. Some of these tasks are somewhat tedious and repeating them again and again to add materials can become monotonous. The fact of moving through wide but limited environments where we always find the same number and species of creature (especially small ones) also influences. Of course every system of progression often requires some repetition to collect objects and evolve, add experience, earn money, get the best armor, that powerful weapon and of course be stronger every time. The management of elements and skill trees are consistent with the overall depth of the game, however, this should not be at odds with didactics or a more intuitive system when proposing a generous background to the main mechanics of a game. This is where, in my opinion, it sins Monster Hunter World.

The multiplayer mode is a very important complement that should not be overlooked, since it allows all the missions to be played cooperatively with players from all over the world in games of four hunters. For many it may be that the true essence of this work is in the online collaborative hunting, reason of course they do not lack it is a highly recommended experience, both for the satisfaction it generates hunting with other players, and for the valuable help we can receive in the toughest challenges and when to get more ingredients for our trunk. Launch a relief flare so that someone, from any corner of the world, connect to our game and give us a hand to defeat a tough enemy is always a great possibility.

Monster Hunter World


Monster Hunter World is an accessible and demanding game at the same time with a durability that only each player can establish, the hours of play can be many in the appropriate hands. Its complexity does not lie solely in the skill and background of its great combats. Exploiting it 100% requires a lot of self-learning and dedication, which of course is not bad, however it would have been appreciated to apply more dynamism and teaching in the systems of skill and improvement, making it a bit more intuitive would not have made it simpler or worst. Is this the Japanese style where for many it possibly lies a more charm, the truth is that the system of missions to order subtract a little charm and the need for constant and systematic collection of material based on the repetition of missions may cause some Routine feeling

Without a doubt, the Monster Hunter World is worth the trouble of facing and downing the tremendous beasts in the different ecosystems conditioned by our armament and equipment. For this alone, it deserves an opportunity. If you finally do it and you like it you will discover that we are only talking about the tip of the iceberg.


  • The combat system and the weapon repertoire
  • The design, variety and behavior of the monsters. It is a joy to face the challenge of facing them and get to defeat them in a visually striking, different and well-worked scenarios that also favor inventiveness and strategy when dealing with our huge adversaries.
  • Deep game mechanics, complex and large doses of customization for our character. In addition to all this the research, management and knowledge of the game options reach a very high level, translating into a quite remarkable duration
  • Online mode highly recommended to fully exploit the experience


  • There is a lack of dynamism and clarity when navigating the menus. A greater ease in this aspect would favor that all players could better assimilate everything that the game can offer. The systematic collection together with the repetition of certain secondary missions with the desire to progress can cause a routine sensation
  • The plot is not exciting, like the supporting characters
  • The camera plays tricks on more than one occasion
  • A split-screen mode would have been much appreciated

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