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How to design a creative and different marketing strategy

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Content is king! A much worn phrase that is repeated ad nauseam in all courses, manuals and marketing blogs. Very worn but effective, after all. Without content, there is no way to show that you really know what you are talking about and earn, as well as the confidence of your reader. Especially if you want to sell.

When designing your sales page, when you are ready to launch a new product, you have it clear. You have already read a lot about the subject. You have to convey an emotion, connect with your potential client and get them to fall in love with your value proposition. And all this in just two minutes.

Two minutes is the approximate time it will take your reader to scan your page and decide if your solution interests you. 120 seconds to fall in love, connect, empathize and build trust. Do you think you can get it? Maybe, especially if you consider the following points …

  • Your reader wants to know what you will feel when you buy your product or service. You have to make him feel protagonist of your story. Design a persuasive, suggestive, magnetic text to get you in love. Storytelling can be very useful for you.
  • Your reader needs visual elements to guide him. You have already written your proposal, it has taken a valuable time to give it shape, create the history of your product or service, according to the values of your personal brand or small company. Now you need to convey that same feeling to your client through images.

Do you wonder why?

Because the human brain processes 60,000 times faster the visual elements than the written text.

  • 40% of people respond better to the visual than to the plain text.

Because the human brain is ready to transform symbols into images.

  • 90% of the information that reaches the brain is visual.

Because the human brain remembers images better than words.

  • 80% of people remember better what they have seen than what they have read.

Because man has imagination and imagination is visual, not textual. With a persuasive story is not enough, with well-designed calls to action is not enough either. You need to go further, to enter the world of your ideal client’s imagination.

marketing strategy

Do you know your ideal client or reader?

Think what he thinks, feel what he feels and tell him in images, supported by words, what you have created for him. To get this memorable effect in your client’s mind you first need to know him well. Knowing what problems you have, what desires move you, what makes you happy and what your priorities are in life.

You cannot connect emotionally with someone you do not know. The first step is to know who is on the other side of the screen, even name it, visualize it and feel it as a living entity. Your objective or buyer person, as they call it in those worn-out manuals I was talking about at the beginning.

When you have your ideal client in front of you, with its virtues and defects, its problems and desires in the open, it is time to transmit the message. Your message. Your promise. The solution that you have specially designed for that customer profile that you already know as the palm of your hand.

Start writing the text for your sales page by imagining your buyer person sitting in front, staring at you. It is your opportunity and it is only going to grant you 2 minutes of your time to arouse your interest. Remember that you have to move him, although you have it easy since you know perfectly what he needs. Just what you have. But let’s see step by step.

Connect emotionally with your client or ideal reader

Start with your promise of value. Your holder the phrase with which you summarize the story of your new release. This phrase should draw your attention and encourage you to keep reading, it must be persuasive enough for you to click.

Look for a powerful image that conveys that same feeling. I suggest you use your own photo or resort to image banks, there are many on the internet where you can find quality photographs with a commercial license at a much reduced price.

Add the presentation phrase to your image. It uses big letters, showy, easy to read. Do not think about how beautiful it is, think about how I can read it, and transmit your message. And that is according to the emotion that the image that you have chosen gives off.

Speak directly to person. Do not narrate in the third person. Start by listing your problems, those for which you already have a solution. Delve into your needs making you feel identified with your story. If you can catch him with the first paragraph, it’s yours.

When you finish exposing the problems you face, comes the important moment. You have already captured his attention and interest, he has your image with the key phrase engraved in his memory.

If you have really connected with it, you will not easily forget it. Now present your solution, talk about the benefits, not about the features. Tell him how you are going to put an end to his headaches.

To maintain your attention, you can design a comparative infographic on your current and future situation once you have purchased your product or service. Mark in two different colors the two options so that they can be differentiated at a glance.

Do not complicate yourself much: green for the future, red for now. The colors of all life for success and error. You may not read it when you read it, but your mind will pick up the subliminal message you just received.

Will it take more time? Yes, but is it worth it? Remember that our brain processes the graphics before and remembers them for a longer time. There you have your answer. You can delegate this task to a professional designer or if you’re good at doing it yourself, there are very intuitive platforms for this type of design.

The final step comes, your call to action. If you have followed the steps correctly, your reader has to be desperate to know what he has to do to buy your new product or service. Or maybe not, there are several types of customers and not all of them will buy you on the first visit, but at least you have made sure that it reminds you perfectly.

Do not forget your call to action, the purchase button, subscription or whatever you want to do now. And here we have two different opinions …

  • PayPal buttons: Zero confusions. The official button that everyone knows and transmits security and confidence.
  • Custom buttons: To match the design of the sales page, using bright colors that incite clicks.

I have tried both options and I have not noticed much difference, so personally I cannot advise you more than one another. You can try both options and stay with the one that offers you a higher conversion rate, but I already tell you that both are valid.

And we are finished! You already have your creative marketing strategy for your next marketing campaign. You have managed to merge text and graphics to strengthen your message and connect emotionally with your ideal client. What has not been so complicated? Welcome to the fascinating world of Visual Storytelling.

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