How to connect airpods to xbox one

How to connect airpods to xbox one

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If you like the ease and simplicity of AirPods and always have them on hand, you may be wondering if you can use them with your Xbox One.

While they won’t replace a proper gaming headset, they’re an easy option if you want to immerse yourself in a game.

Here’s how to connect your Airpods to your Xbox One.

Can you connect your Airpods to your Xbox One?

The question “can I connect my AirPods to my Xbox One?” has a somewhat complicated answer. AirPods are compatible with almost any Bluetooth connection, but they won’t have the ability to use Siri without an Apple device.

The problem with Xbox consoles is that they don’t support the required type of Bluetooth connection for audio devices. Therefore, your AirPods will not immediately work with your Xbox One. There is, however, a workaround for using your AirPods to talk to other players

Currently, you can’t enjoy game audio directly through your AirPods. Instead, you’ll need to use your existing entertainment system for this.

Step 1: Download the Xbox app on your device

The Xbox app is a mobile app that allows you to manage your Xbox account from your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. It comes with communication support so you can talk to your friends.

Start by downloading the free Xbox app, then sign in with your Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account or your device doesn’t recognize your account information, you’ll need to select Add new account.

This will walk you through a small setup process where you need to add your console when the option appears. Power on the console and log in before adding it to the app.

When the app asks you, select Enable on your console to connect your device.

Download: Xbox app for iOS | Android (free)

Step 2: Pair your AirPods with your mobile device

The next step is to get your AirPods and pair them with the mobile device that the Xbox app is installed on.

Wait for the confirmation sound from your AirPods to confirm that you have connected them.

Step 3: Turn on the Xbox and set up your party

If you haven’t already turned on your Xbox, turn it on and get ready to chat with your friends. You will need to set up a chat on your Xbox to talk to them.

Step 4: Create a party with the Xbox app

Make sure the Xbox app is open on your device and access the people icon. Your Xbox will refer to this section as the Social section.

Once selected, you will notice two icons (a headset and a notepad) in the right corner. Choose the headset icon to start your party. Depending on your device, you may need to authorize the app to access the microphone.

Now that you’ve created your party, you can select Add People to search for your friends or enter a Gamertag if you know it.

If you don’t want to start your party, you can select the Notepad icon to scroll through your contacts and select a person to chat with.

Step 5: Chat with your friends

When you add people to your chat, your AirPods should be providing audio and acting as a microphone. From here, you can chat with your friends, invite new people, and play as you normally would.

If you’re not keen on the Xbox app, this method works for many other apps like Discord.

Why don’t AirPods work with Xbox Series X

Since the Xbox Series X | S controllers connect to the console via Bluetooth, you might assume that other Bluetooth accessories like AirPods would work too.

However, just like the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X  doesn’t support Bluetooth for audio connectivity.

The Bluetooth accessory must support Microsoft’s wireless standard or have a compatible USB adapter that connects the wireless device to the Xbox.

You can still use your AirPods to chat with your friends using the Xbox app. As you would with the Xbox One, you will need to download the Xbox app on your device and sync your AirPods with it.

Method 2: use a Bluetooth adapter

You can purchase a Bluetooth adapter that connects to the Xbox controller. This will give it Bluetooth audio capabilities which means you can use your AirPods.

While this option is simple, it requires purchasing another device if you don’t already have one. It also doesn’t always offer a reliable connection.

You can now connect your AirPods to your Xbox One (kind of)

While it may frustrate you to learn that you can’t enjoy all the audio features of your AirPods with an Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, a little bit of tinkering goes a long way.

It doesn’t seem likely that Microsoft will change its Bluetooth connectivity options anytime soon. In the meantime, you can use the above methods to chat with your friends using the comfort of your AirPods.

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