Pawn shop business plan

Pawn shop business plan: How to setup successfully

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Pawnshop business an excellent option to undertake. We will show you the pawn shop business plan and what activities the owner of that business makes, what the target market is and what kind of potential it has. We will also see your investment costs and everything that has to do with legal issues.

Pawn shop business plan

Pawn shop business plan

Now, the basic idea of a pawnshop is to offer loans and purchases, where items of value are sold and exchanged. A pawnshop business provides service to its customers, allowing them to pledge a valuable item in a short time. If the client meets the deadline and returns the money + interest, your item is returned. On the other hand, if the client fails to repay the loan, the owner of the pawnshop can sell said item to take out his earnings.

There are many people who see this business as something strange, but it is really a business of a lender, where if you have a good reputation and you meet deadlines, there is no problem whatsoever. For this type of business, it is necessary for the person to be sociable.

How is a typical day in a pawnshop business?

Target market

Generally, the owner of a pawnshop business spends a lot of time keeping all records, submitting some reports and making inventories. He also performs some evaluations, such as buying and selling items.

Target market

Now, a pawnshop can make money in different ways, but for this business to be successful you must get clients of all kinds. The basic idea is to make money with short-term loans, so the business must have customers who need fast cash. In general, potential clients are those who need to pay a debt immediately, but customers who want to buy second-hand goods must also be obtained.

Skills and experiences needed for a successful business

For this type of business, you need to be very organized to have all the records in order and comply with the laws. The owner also needs to be able to evaluate each type of item that the client offers and how all business will have to deal with people, which can be a bit stressful.

Set Up A Pawnshop

How Much Is The Investment Needed To Set Up A Pawnshop?

You can honestly open a pawnshop with only USD $ 12,000, although it is recommended to have a little more. Because a pawnshop earns 90% of its profits by offering small loans, so if you have more capital you will have many more clients.

Rent: This is where the large percentage of your investment will go. For a pawnshop, locations are recommended in the different commercial districts, although you should do a preliminary investigation to see what is best for you. Remember that for a pawnshop. It is necessary to have a lot of space to display different items and to store them safely.

Operations: You must reserve a large part of your investment as capital. You will use that capital to make different loans and cover different expenses.

Security: As is well known, pawnshops have many valuable items and usually handle a lot of cash. That is why you will have to invest in all types of security to avoid losses and reduce insurance costs to the maximum.

Invest in Article: As in any business, you must exhibit some things, because an empty business does not give good impressions. At least you must have some stock before offering the services.

Computer system: That’s right, to be able to carry out all your records, you will have to have a system to save them. As I said it is a business that requires organization, therefore use some system to control.

Steps To Start A Pawnshop Business


When you are ready to start your pawn business, you need to know some steps to start and avoid wasting time …

Planning the business: You have to make a clear business plan, this is essential for you to be successful. In the plan, you must consider what are the initial expenses, the target market and estimated time to reach stability. In a previous article, we show some tricks to plan for a simple business.

Register your business: As with all businesses, you must register with the entities to be able to pay the different taxes.

Set up accounting: You will also have to keep track of the different expenses and income sources in order to understand your business performance. Well, if you keep all the accounts clear and detailed it will simplify your life more.

Obtain insurance: I always recommend obtaining insurance for the business and even more if employees are hired. Also in some countries. It is obligatory and in others, it is not.

Create a website: The creation of a website will help you get many more customers, nowadays you can create with a low investment.

How to keep customers coming back

In general, if you provide an excellent service at a fair price, customers will return alone. So just worry so that your business provides the best services and advice.


Pawn shops do not require employees, as they are mostly family-run. Also if you need to hire someone, look for sociable people and as far as possible have experience in the field.

The business is a profitable business with low investment. Follow our Pawn shop business plan to start and don’t forget to share.

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