Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing: the phases, the products, the reasons to never forget it

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Cleansing milk or micellar water? Mask or scrub? Here are the main steps for a correct and fundamental cleansing of the face.

Have you ever thought that your face needs a much more careful cleaning than the one you normally dedicate to it?

Many women, sometimes for too stressful commitments and sometimes just for laziness, do not dedicate enough time and correct products to clean the face.

Especially as we approach summer – and seasonal changes in general – it is essential to adopt an adequate facial cleansing.

It is understood that a cleansing every quarter carried out by your beautician remains a recommended practice, let’s see together how to take care of your skin every morning and every evening, identifying the main steps of a correct facial cleansing. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

Step 1: Understand what kind of skin we have

Before even starting, it is essential to identify well what type of skin we have. Be careful because the type of skin can also slightly change during different moments of one’s life, or even from one season to another.

The ideal is to immediately understand if we have a fine or thick skin texture.

Generally, if we tend to have enlarged pores in the area of ​​the nose, cheekbones, and forehead, we will have a rather thick and mixed skin, if not even oily.

If, on the other hand, we have areas of skin that tend to look dry and a little gray, or redness problems then we may have drier skin – often richer in small wrinkles – or sensitive.

Be careful because sensitive skin is not necessarily dry, quite the contrary. Even combination skin, often due to pollution or lifestyle problems, can show redness or couperose problems.

The advice here is to contact a dermatologist or at least a good beautician who can identify your skin type well and advise you accordingly. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

Step 2: What product do I use?

The answer is not necessarily one and only one. There are a lot of different  facial cleansing products

It starts with cleansing milk which is perhaps the main product for eliminating make-up and dirt. Milk, even for combination or oily skin, can be useful and there are several less oily and lighter formulations that are also perfect for combination skin.

The advantage of milk is that it perfectly cleanses the skin of any impurities. It should be used with your fingers or with cotton balls, passed on the face with circular movements.

There are products other than milk such as cleansing gels to be used with water, make-up remover oils to be emulsified with water,   biphasic micellar waters consisting of oils with make-up remover or normal water. Especially suitable for quickly removing not too excessive or waterproof make-up.

In general, micellar waters are more useful for small touch-ups or to remove make-up quickly and. In any case, I recommend always using them followed by another detergent, perhaps in gel, to obtain a deeper cleaning.

Step 3: Do I use my fingers or a special tool?

The market has filled with electronic facial cleansing tools. The first in Italy was Clarisonic, but it was followed closely by many other similar instruments.

Some are small brushes, others are small pads.

Obviously, it goes without saying, they are used to carry out a more complete cleaning, more similar to what a beautician does.

They can be used every night, combining them with your face cleanser. But remember that they are often tools that clean and actually exfoliate the skin. So, even use 2-3 times a week might be enough.

Don’t have time or do these tools cost too much? Don’t worry, you will live very well even without it and a weekly scrub cream can still help you to clean the skin well.

Step 4: Eye Toner and Makeup Remover. These strangers

The toner is a product that many have completely forgotten. In truth, however, it helps to rebalance the skin and make it more elastic. It should never be forgotten. Alternatively you can use a 2 in 1 product with milk and toner together, which can save you some time.

Instead, pay attention to the eye area. Remember that it is the most delicate area of ​​your whole face and that the eyes are a fundamental organ for your life!

Therefore, the idea is, first of all, to use quality products for eye makeup. Always wash the brushes and sponges we use well, and then. At the time of cleansing, use a product suitable for the sensitivity of our eye contour area.

On this, please, we do not spare and if we really have to choose a single product of truly high quality. We opt for an eye make-up remover suitable for us.

Step 5: Scrubs and Face Masks. Treatment or cleaning?

In this post, I want to focus only on the moment of facial cleansing and not on the treatment (so creams, serums, or fluids) but scrubs and masks are in fact halfway there.

In some ways, they are adjuvants to a correct facial cleansing because they help to cleanse and purify the face. In other respects, however, they are “preparers” of the treatments that follow cleaning, or creams for example.

Now, until recently, it was said that at most one mask per week or one scrub per week was needed.

Today things are different and the products are very varied.

There are masks that are very light, moisturizing, and perhaps to keep overnight. They complete the cleansing work, preparing the face the following morning. This type of mask, for example, can be safely used even 2-3 times a week.

The same goes for scrubs. Depending on how “mechanical” it is (how many exfoliating particles it contains), the scrub can be different and also used every day for skin that needs it.

Step 6: I never have time. How can I do not forget at least the bare minimum?

The bare minimum requires at least that you do not go to bed wearing make-up and that, in the morning, you do not wear make-up without cleansing.

For the evening, if you are really in a hurry, I would recommend a gel make-up remover to use in the shower, or a make-up remover in oil. There are several, they are easy to use and clean very well.

For the morning, a gel make-up remover or micellar water removes impurities and residual cream after the night.

But no mascara on the pillow, okay? Finally, we recommended Waxing studio Manhattan and the Best facial for acne in Manhattan to know more details.

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