What you need to know about external and internal links

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With all links making their own contribution to search engine optimisation strategies, understanding the key differences between internal and external links and fully utilising their unique features is an integral part of developing a comprehensive digital approach for your business.

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The Key Difference Between Internal and External Links

External links create a connection between two completely different domains. You may, for example, decide to link to a partner website providing your readers with some additional contextualising information, or to your social media platforms to encourage conversation and interaction.

Internal links connect pages within your own domain. These form a key part of the architecture of your website, with your site’s menu feature playing an important role within your internal link building strategy.

Building Visibility with External Links

The algorithm used by Google to rank web pages within search engine results uses the quality of external links pointing to your website as one of its key components to identify the most useful and highest quality content to deliver to its users.

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Utilising local SEO services, building outreach programs, and the consistent creation of unique and highly shareable content are integral to good external link building strategies, but it is equally essential to be mindful that links from low-quality websites can have negative effects on your SEO efforts.

Use External Links to Demonstrate Your Willingness to Help Your Audience

There are several key reasons that you should be linking to other websites. Moreover, external linking demonstrates an inherent desire to provide your audience with direct access to other information they will find both beneficial and valuable.

Boost Your SEO With Internal Links

Ensuring your website is constructed in a logical and organised way is an important component of good SEO. It is imperative that both your audience and web crawlers can locate and interpret the information they need quickly and efficiently, so it is essential that your SEO team has a comprehensive skillset, to ensure your internal linking structure is completed without error.

Utilising your website’s menu feature and including naturally placed and considered links throughout your copy will help your audience to efficiently navigate through your website, finding the content most relevant to their needs without having to work hard to uncover it.

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