Are solar panels the right choice for you?

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We all want to get the very best value from our properties, and that’s just one reason why many of us are interested in the possibility of having solar panels installed. Read on to learn if doing so could be right for you and your household.

A Sustainable Choice

Of course, as a means of producing renewable solar power, solar panels make a great choice for anyone keen to live more sustainably.

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Rather than being wholly dependent on electricity derived from our finite supply of fossil fuels, having solar panels in place means that you can power all of your household appliances from the natural light of the sun. And if you add a solar battery to store excess power, you can even enjoy renewable energy when the sun goes down at night.

Choosing to power your home with solar power will also help you to save money on electricity bills, as you will cut the amount of power you’ll need to draw from the National Grid. And, should your solar panels generate more electricity than your home needs, you can even earn money by putting this surplus back into the National Grid for others to benefit from.

You can learn more about the many benefits of solar panel installation in Avonmouth here.

Is it right for me?

Expert installation professionals will be able to advise on solar panel installation Avonmouth, but in general terms, if you have at least 20m² of roof space for panels and your roof faces South, East or West, you should be a good candidate.

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It’s also important that your roof isn’t heavily shaded by overhanging trees or nearby buildings, as this can restrict the amount of sunlight reaching your panels. Optimiser equipment can overcome minor shading issues.

No planning permission is required for solar panel installation in Avonmouth, so if your roof is suitable, then there’s nothing to stop you from going ahead! You’ll soon be able to enjoy the benefits of renewable solar energy produced by your very own panels.

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